Rok Liu Che Talent Tree Build, Pairings, and Equipments Guide

 Liu Che, a new legendary infantry commander, has recently made his debut in the Rise of Kingdoms and the community is buzzing with excitement. In this article, we will dissect Liu Cha’s skills, talents, and potential pairings to help you decide whether he is a commander worth investing in.

Is Liu Che Prime Investing?

Liu Che is a powerhouse when it comes to infantry commanders, making him a valuable addition to your roster regardless of whether you are a free-to-play or pay-to-win player. His exceptional skills are tailored for large open-field battles, so you’ll find him indispensable in various game scenarios. based on reports we have seen Liu Che is extremely good in the open field.

At this moment Liu Che with Sargon is doing some serious work against a powerful Cavs commander, as you know cavalry always dominates open field battle. so, it finally some relief for infantry players. if you are an infantry main then there is no need to think about you should definitely put your legendary sculptures in him.

If you are wondering how he compares to other legendary infantry commanders, you can check out the ROK commander Tier list.

Liu Che Prime Skill Overview

Glory of Shizong (Active Skill)

Required Rage: 1000

Liu Che Deals smite damage to up to 5 target troops in an arc (Damage Factor 2250). Every additional target reduces the damage dealt to each target by 15%. Troops hit by this skill have their March Speed reduced by 40% for 3 seconds.

Smite Damage Factor: 1250 / 1500 / 1750 / 2000 / 2250
March Speed Reduction: 20% / 25%/30% / 35% / 40%

Mighty Pen, Mighty Sword (passive)

Infantry units led by this commander gain 20% increased Defense. If this commander’s troop contains only infantry units, it gains 20% increased March Speed and takes 20% less skill damage.

Infantry Defense Bonus: 5% / 8% / 11% / 15% / 20%
March Speed Bonus: 5% / 8% / 11% / 15% / 20%
Skill Damage Taken Reduction: 5% / 8% / 11% / 15% / 20%

Overawing Presence (passive)

Infantry units led by this commander gain 20% increased Attack when fighting other troops. Whenever their troop launches a normal attack, it has a 25% chance to deal additional smite damage to the target (Damage Factor 300)

Infantry Attack Bonus: 5% / 8% / 11% / 15% / 20%
Smite Damage Factor: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300

Expansionist (passive)

Liu Che This commander’s troop deals 10% more normal attack damage while on the map. Whenever their troop deals smite damage¹, it reduces the tack damage dealt by the target troop by 10% for the next 3 seconds. Cooldown: 5 seconds

Normal Attack Damage Bonus: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%
Damage Reduction: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%

Above All Kings (expertise)

Whenever this commander’s troop launches a normal attack while on the map, it has a 25% chance to launch an extra normal attack.

Skill upgrade order


All skills of Liu Che is a solid choice for an open field and want to get his expertise. So, there is no need to prioritize one skill over the other. However, you should always max out active skill first as it’s the most powerful skill any commander has.


  • Doom of cavalry
  • Versatile Skills
  • AOE Damage
  • Speed Reduction
  • Infantry Buffs
  • New Smite damage
  • So much normal attack damage
  • Can be paired with lots of commanders
  • Survivability


  • New archer commander Zhuge Liang can cause trouble for him.

What is Commander Liu Che Prime good at?

Liu Che is primarily designed for infantry-focused armies. He provides substantial bonuses to infantry units, including increased defense, march speed, and reduced skill damage taken. This makes him a formidable leader for infantry-heavy armies.

His primary skill, “Glory of Shizong,” deals area-of-effect (AOE) damage to multiple target troops and reduces their march speed. This crowd control effect can slow down enemy marches during battles, making it harder for them to maneuver effectively.

Liu Che’s skills enhance normal attack damage, which results in consistent and reliable damage output. This makes him a reliable source of damage in battles.

He offers flexibility in commander pairings. He can be used effectively as both a primary and secondary commander, depending on your strategy and available commanders.

His “Expansionist” skill reduces the damage dealt by the target troop after smite damage, enhancing his survivability and the survivability of allied troops.

“Mighty Pen, Mighty Sword” skill boosts infantry units’ defense, and march speed, and reduces skill damage taken, making him a durable and versatile infantry commander.

Overall, Liu Che is great at leading infantry armies in open-field battles, providing infantry buffs, and disrupting enemy formations through crowd control. He’s a reliable choice for commanders who prefer infantry-focused strategies and want to excel in open-field combat situations.

Liu Che Talent Tree builds

Below you will find the best talent tree builds for Liu Che for different scenarios.

Open field

Liu che talent tree 2023

This is the typical talent build for an infantry commander with an attack tree. This talent build worked great on Alexander the Great and will continue to be good on Liu Che too.

The open field when paired with Normal damage commanders

rok liu che talent tree 2023

If you pair Liu Che with a commander who relies on normal damage, then you can pick up Martial Mystery can boost normal damage while reducing skill damage. Normally this would be a bad skill-heavy commander but since Liu Che also does a lot of normal attack damage, this particular talent will be great for him.

Liu Che commander pairings

Liu Che has a fine balance between skill damage and normal attack damage, which allows him to be paired with any infantry commander. However, following commanders will be better options for him.

Sargon the Great (primary) – Best pairing

rise of kingdoms sargon

Sargon is the best pair option for Liu Che. He is already a very powerful commander himself. He can do an extra normal attack which is great for Liu Che since his smite damage is boosted by the normal attack.

Another great synergy is that Sargon’s awed debuff can be applied using AOE and it makes the target take more skill damage. Liu Che not only does lots of skill damage but also has 5 target AOE damage.

You should use Sargon the Great as primary because the skill talent tree is better than the attack talent tree of Liu Che. Aside from that, you will deal more damage from Liu Che if debuff from Sargon’s awed effect is already applied.

Scipio Prime (primary)

rise of kingdoms Legendary Scipio africanus prime

Just like Sargon, Scipio Prime is a solo powerhouse himself. He has everything that an open field commander needs, high-skill damage, march speed, buffs, debuffs, and shield.

You can pair him with any infantry commander, and he will immediately turn another commander into a powerful open-field fighter. Liu Che is already quite strong on the field, together they will be a nightmare for the cavalry.

Scipio should be used primarily because a 30% health reduction debuff on his primary skill will help to boost Liu Che’s active skill damage.

Pyrrhus (Primary)

Rise of Kingdoms Pyrrhus

As we explained in Pyrrhus commander guide, he is a normal attack-heavy commander. His normal attack damage buffs can boost Liu Che’s smite damage.

Furthermore, Liu Che’s expertise skill can do extra normal attacks. That secondary normal attack will get even more benefit from normal attack damage buffs from Pyrrhus.

Harald Sigurdsson (Primary)

harald rise of kingdom

As already mentioned before, Liu Che benefits a lot from normal attack damage. Harald Sigurdsson is an infantry commander who is great at doing normal attack damage.

Another great thing about Herald is that he is very tanky as well as has great crowd control with counterattack damage. He can tank as primary while Liu Che can snip down up to 5 enemies from behind.

Alexander the Great (secondary)

Rise of Kingdoms Alexander the great

Alexander the Great is truly great in the open field. However, He has everything you need for an open field commander. He has buffs, debuffs, march speed as well as the shield factor.

While this pair won’t be as good as the Scipio Prime pairing, Alexander and Liu Che will definitely give you some great results in field fights.

Sun Tzu (secondary)

Rise of Kingdoms Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu isn’t just a great infantry commander but he is the best Epic commander in the game. While Sun Tzu might not be the best pair for Liu Che, he can be an epic alternative until you max out other legendary commanders to pair with Legendary Scipio.

Don’t forget to check out this best commander pairing guide for 2023 to get the most out of your commanders.

Liu Che Best Equipements

Ultimate equipment set

  • Weapon: Shield Of The Eternal Empire
  • Helm: Golden Helm Of The Eternal Empire
  • Chest: Plate Of The Eternal Empire
  • Glove: Vambraces Of The Eternal Empire
  • Legs: Greaves Of The Eternal Empire
  • Boots: Sturdy Boots Of The Eternal Empire

Stat boost from the set:

Infantry Attack – 47%
Infantry Defense – 26%
Infantry Health – 0%
All troops Defense – 3%
March Speed – 10%

Medium equipment set

Stat boost from the set:

  • Weapon: Gatekeeper’s Shield
  • Helm: Helm Of The Conquerer
  • Chest: Hope Cloak
  • Glove: Seth’s Brutality
  • Legs: Karuak’s Humility
  • Boots: Frost Treads

Stat boost from the set:

Infantry Attack – 0%
Infantry Defense – 38%
Infantry Health – 16%

F2P equipment set.

  • Weapon: Gatekeeper’s Shield
  • Helm: Witch’s Lineage
  • Chest: Quinn’s Soul
  • Glove: Seth’s Brutality
  • Legs: Karuak’s Humility
  • Boots: Frost Treads

Stat boost from the set:

Infantry Attack – 16%
Infantry Defense – 11%
Infantry Health – 16%

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Liu Che Best Formation

Liu Che is great at both skill damage and normal damage. So your formation will depend on which commander you pair him with.

If you use him with a normal attack damage commander like Sargon then Arch Formation will be good. However, if you are using him with a skill damage commander like Scipio Prime then Wedge formation will be a great option.

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