Best open-field commanders pairings in Rise of Kingdoms(ROK) – 2023 update

One of the key features of the Rise of Kingdoms is open-field fighting. It’s very important during KvK. Without the proper field-fight supports your kingdom won’t be able to conquer passes, flags, fortresses, ruins, or altars. Aside from that, it’s so much fun as long as you have tons of resources and speed-ups.

Here is a full guide for an open-field fight with some deadly commander pairing which will provide you so much value.

List of things you will need to have in March for open-field fights

  • March speed – to catch and run away from enemies
  • Tankiness and sustainability – no matter how careful, you are gonna end up getting swarmed sometimes.
  • AOE – Area of attack skill damage can hit multiple targets during murder balls, it can provide you so many free kills!
  • Buffs and Debuffs – whenever fighting in a group, you need to have some sort of buff on your march and debuff on enemy marches.

Best Commanders Tier List – Updated with new Commanders

Who is the strongest commander in the ROK?

You are probably wondering which is the most powerful commander in rok right now. Well strictly speaking about open-field commanders, there is no single commander who can be hailed as the strongest commander in the game. Instead, it will depend on the troop type. Below you will find the strongest commander based on the troop type.

  • Zhuge Liang (Archers)
  • Alexander Nevsky (cavalry)
  • Scipio Prime (Infantry)
  • Trajan (Leadership)

Who is the best secondary commander in the ROK?

Just like a primary commander, the best secondary commander also depends on which troop type you plan to use. below you will be the best secondary commander in the game right now based on troop type.

  • Zhuge Liang (Archers)
  • Joan of Arc (cavalry)
  • Liu Che (Infantry)
  • Honda Tadakatsu (Leadership)

1. Alexander Nevsky and Joan of Arc (best Cavalry open-field pair)

This is a well-tested duo for open field, many players use this combination and have received insanely good trades with it. Even after the arrival of Huo Qubing they still remain the best cavalry pair for field fighting.

Both commanders have versatile skills that make them effective in open-field battles. Alexander Nevsky is known for his tankiness and crowd control abilities, while Joan of Arc Prime provides excellent support, a lot of AOE damage, buffs, and healing. Together, they can adapt to different combat scenarios.

2. Huo Qubing and William (single target nuke pair)

While Nevsky and Joan Prime are the best pair for cavalry open field, If you love nuking down single targets then Huo Qubing and William is the way to go

Huo Qubing Just has so much skill damage on his active skill as well as other skills which boosts the skill damage factor. William on the other hand is great at providing support as a secondary commander. Together they work really well for a single target and we have already seen lots of battle reports from KvK which also confirms that.

Suggestions: Hua Qubing & Nevsky

3. Sargon the Great and Liu Che (Best infantry Openfield)

The newly released Liu Che is totally awesome, He has so much versatility that he can be paired with almost any infantry commander. However, the one commander that he pairs really great with is Sargon the Great.

Liu Che can do lots of normal damage with his expertise, and Sargon on the other hand can boost normal damage output. on top of that when you throw in awed debuff and high active skill damage from Liu Che, it’s an insane amount of damage output.

Infantry has been under shadow for too long, however, this pair finally brings some joy to infantry players. so if you are an infantry main, then this is currently the best option for you.

4. Guan Yu and Scipio Africanus prime (Best Infantry AOE)

Before Liu Che, Guan Yu and Scipio Africanus Prime was the best infantry pair in the game. The synergy between those two is just unbeatable. There are several skills for both commanders which complement each other very well. for example, Guan Yu’s silence makes Scipio Prime generate rage faster.

One of the best parts about this pair is that they both have very high skill damage on active along with AOE. when you combine that with other buffs and debuff that they have, it’s just an unbelievable amount of AOE damage output.

5. Boudica Prime and Zhuge Liang (Best archer Openfield)

Originally Boudica Prime and YSG was the best archer pair for open field. The way this pair worked was that Boudica Prime was sort of tank as primary commander with lots single target damage, while YSG was the 5 target nuker as secondary with AOE damage.

This pair worked so well for a long time. Now we have something better than YSG, it’s Zhuge Liang. He has much better damage output than YSG and his synergy is the same with Boudica Prime. If you are an archer main player and want to upgrade your archer march, this is the way to go.

6. Zhuge Liang and Nebuchadnezzar (Archer full AOE)

Well, if you are a fan of AOE damage then this will be pure delight for you. Zhuge Liang already has 5 target AOE damage and so does the Nebu. So, that means you can hit up to 10 marches at the same time.

Previously, Nebu and YSG were able to do 10 March AOE damage. However, the problem with them was they didn’t have enough sustainability. However, Zhuge and Nebu are a little more durable than them, which makes them useable in the open field fights.

7. Henry V and Zhuge Liang (Archer sustain nuking)

Generally, an archer’s job is to do all-out nuking damage, However, if you want to be tanky while still keeping almost the same damage out, then Henry and Zhuge Liang is the way.

Henry is one of the tankinest archer commanders in the rise of the kingdom. He will be able to sustain lots of damage as primary, while Zhuge Liang can smash 5 targets as secondary commander.

8. Trajan and Scipio Prime (Leadership/buff)

Trajan provides a valuable skill damage buff along with a rage restoration buff. On top of that, he has a health and defense bonus making him very tanky. And the longer he stays on the field, the stronger he gets with more damage output.

Scipio prime can make this march even stronger with even more buffs and defensive stats. This pair can stay on the field for a longer time and help allies in battle while also generating lots of kills for yourself.

9. Trajan and Aethelflaed (Leadership/buff/debuff)

For F2P players, Aethelflaed could be a good alternative to Scipio Prime as a secondary commander to Trajan. You can max her out for free using the Expedition Medal store. Aethelflaed can debuff up to 5 marches reducing their attack, defense, health as well and March speed while Trajan can buff your and your allies’s march. That’s a solid buff debuff combination.

If your f2p player then you should consider building this march for your farm account, it will help you a lot in the open field battle for your main account.

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Now, remember that these are just recommendations based on reports and results we saw. You can always experiment with different commander combinations and talent trees to find out your favorite commander pairing.

Rise of kingdoms best commanders pairings for rally and garrison

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