Rok Joan of Arc Prime Talent Tree Build, Pairings, and Equipments Guide

Joan of Arc prime or Legendary Joan of Arc is a cavalry commander in the rise of kingdoms(rok). She is one of the best commanders in the game right now.

In this guide, You will find Joan of Arc Prime’s Talent tree builds, the Best commanders pairings, the best equipment to use, a Formation Guide, and pretty much everything you need to know.

Is Joan of Arc Prime Worth Investing?

If you are a cavalry player, then Joan of Arc prime should be your top priority. And even if you are not Cavalry main player then she should be still your top priority. That’s how good she is.

Many players think that Hua Qubing is better since he is a newly released commander. However, Joan of Arc prim still rented ahead of him.

She offers so much versatility for pairing and damage output is also insane. So, without any doubt, you should invest your legendary sculptures in her.

If you are wondering how she compares to other legendary cavalry commanders, you can check out the ROK commander Tier list.

Joan of Arc Prime Skill Overview

Sacred Banner (Active Skill)

Required Rage: 1000

Deals skill damage to up to 3 targets in a forward-facing fan-shaped area (Damage Factor 2000), damage taken by targeted troops reduces by 15% per target. The commander’s troops and 2 surrounding friendly troops also deal 5% more damage for 3 seconds, gaining 20 additional Rage per second.

Direct Damage Factor: 1000/1200/1400/1600/2000
Damage Bonus: 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%
Rage Restored: 3/6/10/15/20

Hundred-Year Dawn (passive)

Cavalry units led by this commander gain 20% Attack and 10% March Speed. Outside of alliance territory, Cavalry units’ March Speed is increased by an extra 10%, and all units deal 5% more normal attack damage.

Cavalry Attack Bonus: 5%/8%/11%/15%/20%
Cavalry March Speed Bonus: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%
Cavalry March Speed Bonus (Outside Alliance Territory): 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%
Normal Attack Damage Bonus: 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%

Return of the Saint (passive)

Cavalry units led by this commander deal 5% more damage when attacking troops. When using skills, troops led by this commander gain a buff that increases normal attack damage dealt by 30% for 1 second. This effect can trigger once every 5 seconds.

Cavalry Damage Bonus: 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%
Normal Attack Damage Bonus: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%

The Blessed (passive)

Cavalry units led by this commander have 10% more Health while on the map. When the secondary commander of their troop uses an active skill, they have a 100% chance to cast Sacred Banner. This effect can trigger once every 10 seconds.

Cavalry Health Bonus: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%
Probability: 50%/60%/70%/80%/100%

Unyielding Martyr (expertise)

Troops led by this commander deal 5% more counterattack damage. When the target troop has more than 30% units remaining, troops led by this commander deal 5% more damage.

Skill upgrade order


Joan of Arc Prime is a versatile commander and her all skills are great for the open field. So it doesn’t matter which skill you upgrade first, you should expertise her anyway.


  • One of the most powerful commanders right now
  • Defeats even some of the infantry commanders
  • Insane amount of skill damage
  • AOE damage is excellent
  • Pairs with so many commanders
  • Nightmare of Archer commanders
  • Provides valuable buffs


What is Joan of Arc Prime good at?

Legendary Joan of Arc is good at everything. You name it, she can do it.

Joan of Arc Prime is excellent for open field, also great for rallying, and works really well in canyons. You can also do fort rallies and ceroli and pretty much any other events with her.

Overall, she is a great commander to have in your roaster.

Legendary Joan of Arc Prime Talent Tree builds

In most cases, Joan of Arc Prime will be secondary to commanders like Nesky. However, below you find some talent trees for her in case you want to use her as primary.

Open field

Joan of Arc Prime talent tree 2023

This is the Joan of Arc Prime talent for open field and universal build for most tasks. It mainly focuses on the cavalry tree to boost base stats and also gets some important skills from the support tree.

City pops

Joan of arc prime talent tree commander guide

If you want to quickly come out of your city, hit enemies, and go back in this build will be much more suited. it removes some talent from the support tree which won’t be useful for such a strategy and picks up more talent from the cavalry tree.

Support talent tree

Legendary Joan of arc talent tree build

While open field build is pretty much perfect, this is an alternate build you can use if you want to support your ally. Cage of thorn is a great debuff skill that reduces enemy march speed. so if you are chasing an enemy this talent tree will surely help.

Legendary Joan of Arc Prime commander pairings

Joan of Arc Prime herself is so powerful that she can be paired with any commander and still give good results. However, following the commander will perform much better with her.

Alexander Nevsky (primary) -The best pair

Rise of kingdoms Alexander nevsky

Alexander Nevsky with Joan of Prime is probably the best cavalry pairing for the open field right now. This is the most popular combination that has been used a million times in the game at this point and it works every time.

Why does this pair work so well? Well, first up Joan of Arc does so much skill damage, While Nevsky does even more skill damage. if you combine those numbers, it’s an insane amount of skill damage.

Now look at Nevsky’s fourth skill, it boosts skill damage by 25% when you are using only Cavalry troops. since they both are cavalry commanders that’s the exact troop type you will be using.

To make things even more interesting Nesky’s fourth skill also boosts skill damage by 35% when active skill is used. It will boost Joan of Arc Prime’s active skill. But that’s not all, her fourth skill has a 100% chance to cast active skill again.

To combine all, you get a 25% skill damage boost on all active skills, plus you get 35% more skill damage on Joan of Arc Prime’s active skill which will fire twice. wait, there is more, Joan of Arc Prime’s primary skill does AOE to three targets. If you sum that all up it’s a lot of damage.

Now what makes this pair better is the defense capabilities, buffs, debuffs, and march speed. you may think since they have too much damage they might lack defense, but that’s not the case.

Nevsky brings so many health and defense stats, while both commanders have march speed bonuses as well as buff and debuff on active skill. Overall, it has everything that you want in your open-field march.

The reason why you should be Nevsky primary and Joan secondary is that Nesky’s active skill reduces the enemy’s defense. When you use the fourth skill synergy after the enemy has received defense reduction debuff, it does even more damage.

Xiang Yu (Primary)

rise of kingdoms xiang yu

Xiang Yu(XY) is also a great option for Joan of Arc Prime. It won’t be as tanky as the Nevsky pair, but it will do lots of damage.

Xy has a small skill cycle because of only 900 rage requirements compared to the traditional 1000. His 4th skill restores 50 rage which further reduces skill cycle time. Joan of Arc herself restores 20 rage per second for 3 seconds, gaining additional 60 rage points.

With a small skill cycle on Xy and Joan of Arc prime’s active skill firing twice, there will be very little downtime between active skill damage. So, your march will be doing active skill damage almost non-stop.

Xiang Yu also has a 30% defense reduction in his active skill. Aside from his expertise boost skill damage by an extra 20% making Joan’s damage even more appealing. Both commanders also have 3 target AOE damage which takes synergy further.

While this pair offers so much damage output, it lacks defensive capabilities. So, as long as your march is not being targeted it will work just fine.

The reason to use XY as primary is that his active skill requires less rage and hits an enemy with defense reduction debuff.

Huo Qubing (primary)

Rise of King kingdoms Huo qubing

Huo Qubing is the newly released commander in Rise of Kingdoms and he pairs really nicely with Joan of Arc Prime.

He has even more damage skill damage than Nevsky. aside from that he also offers skill damage boost, healing, and march speed.

Huo’s third skill can reduce rage requirements for active skill by 150 rage points. This is a really good buff for Joan of Arc prime since she can use active skill twice.

While Nevsky still remains a better pair for Joan due to the balance between offense and defense, Huo is a Great option for taking offense further while slightly sacrificing on defense.

You need to use Huo as a primary commander otherwise his active skill damage will be half.

William (Secondary)

Rise of kingdoms william

William isn’t the best pairing for the Joan of Arc prime. However, in the absence of Nevsky, XY, and Huo, He can be a decent pair for her.

Joan of Arc Prime and William both have a three-target AOE damage as well and they both benefit from being outside of the alliance Territory.

William’s 4th skill restores 50 rage per second for 3s, the same thing as Joan Prime’s active skill which only restores 20 rage per second.

Just like XY Joan Prime pairs, William pairing will also fire up skills really fast, making it high damage but squishy pairing.

Saladin (Secondary) – Best pairing for F2P

saladin rise of kingdoms commander

Once you reach KvK 2, Saladin will become available. You will be able to get him for the Mightiest Governor event.

If you did well in your previous KvK, you might be able to get his sculptures for free through pre-set MGE for your kingdom.

Saladin is simply the best cavalry commander for F2P players. He will do lots of skill damage, reduce enemies’ march speed and healing, reduce the amount of skill damage you take, and provide base stat buffs.

You can start using him as ever since he becomes 5,5,1,1 and at the same time, Joan of Arc can be used as 5,1,1,5.

So if you are not cavalry main and want to save lots of sculptures then this pair will help you get great results while saving legendary sculptures for your other commanders.

Minamoto (Primary)

Rise of kingdoms minamoto no yoshitsune

Originally Minamoto would have been just ignored, however ever since he received Museum Buff, he has been back in the game. With Museum Buff, He has so much damage output and a good amount of march speeds.

So, if you paid for him and have him maxed from the early game. You can consider putting Joan of Arc prime behind him and getting a decent pairing.

Don’t forget to check out this best commander pairing guide for 2023 to get the most out of your commanders.

Joan of Arc Prime Best Equipements

Ultimate equipment set

  • Weapon: Lance of Hellish Wasteland
  • Helm: War Helm of Hellish Wasteland
  • Chest: Heavy Armor of Hellish Wasteland
  • Glove: Armband of Hellish Wasteland
  • Legs: Tassest of Hellish Wasteland
  • Boots: Boots of Hellish Wasteland

Stat boost from the set:

Cavalry Attack – 31%
Cavalry Defense – 23.5%
Cavalry Health – 18.5%
All troops Health – 3%
Counter damage – 10%

Medium equipment set

Stat boost from the set:

  • Weapon: Lance of Hellish Wasteland
  • Helm: Windswept War Helm
  • Chest: Windswept Breastplate
  • Glove: Windswept Bracers
  • Legs: Tassest of Hellish Wasteland
  • Boots: Windswept Boots

Stat boost from the set:

Cavalry Attack – 35.5%
Cavalry Defense – 4.5%
Cavalry Health – 5%
All troops Health – 3%
All troops Attack – 2%
March Speed – 10%

F2P equipment set.

  • Weapon: Vanguard Halberd
  • Helm: Windswept War Helm
  • Chest: Windswept Breastplate
  • Glove: Windswept Bracers
  • Legs: Vanguard Greaves
  • Boots: Windswept Boots

Stat boost from the set:

Cavalry Attack – 11.5%
Cavalry Defense – 9.5%
Cavalry Health – 10%
All troops Attack – 2%
March Speed – 10%

ROK – New Redeem Gift Codes List

Joan of Arc Prime Best Formation

Joan of Arc is all about repetitive skill damage. So the best formation for her would be wedge Formation, which can give her an extra 5% skill damage.

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