Rok passports requirements and costs chart for Migration

Is your kingdom losing KVKs constantly or has terrible alliance members who won’t stop annoying you? Well, worry not because the rise of kingdoms has a migration system, which can allow you to go to other kingdoms.

How exactly does it work and what are the requirements? Well, This is the full guide about migration and passport requirements in Rise of Kingdoms (ROK).

Migration Requirements

When can you Migrate to Rok? First, let’s go over some basic requirements that you need to fulfill in order to migrate to other kingdoms.

  • City Hall level 16+
  • All marches inside the city including scouts.
  • Your troops or city isn’t part of the battle (No war frenzy)
  • Resources shouldn’t be higher than the storehouse’s maximum capacity.
  • You haven’t joined any alliance.
  • The kingdom that you want to migrate into is 120 days old and isn’t participating in KVK(check different kingdom status for more details)
  • Most importantly, you have enough passport pages. (Check below for more details on passports)

Note: If you are participating in any event, for example, MGE, then your points for that event will be reset to zero after migration to the new kingdom.

Can you migrate to other kingdoms if your current kingdom participates in kvk? Yes, you can.

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Passport pages – requirements and how to get them.

rok passport chart
rok passport

What is the use of a Passport in Rok?

Passport pages are a consumable item that allows you to migrate to other kingdoms in the rise of kingdoms. Both, f2p and p2w players can get them using different methods.

You will need a certain amount of passports for different power levels. you can check below for more details.

ROK passport requirements and costs chart

Amount of passport pages you need to migrate is based on your total power. The chart below will help you figure out how many passports are needed to migrate.

PowerPassport PagesCredits Cost

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How to get passport pages

There are two different ways to get a passport. The first is buying a New World bundle and the second is using an alliance store.

New World bundle Price

New World bundle price increases every time you purchase the bundle at the same time gives you more passports. It gets reset after a while.

rok migration
New World Bundle

How much do passport pages cost in ROK?

Buying a passport page from an alliance shop using alliance credit is a better option, especially for free-to-play players. Every passport costs 600k alliance credit.

Below there is a list of all the ways you can farm alliance credit in Rise of Kingdoms.

  • Building: You can earn up to 20k credits every day when building flag, fortress, and resource points. Check if your alliance does slow build for flag or fortress.
  • Technology: When you donate RSS in alliance technology you get 100 credits, which can crit up to 10x.
  • Daily help: Up to 10k alliance credit can be earned just by pressing the help button for your ally.
  • Alliance chests: You can get a small amount of credit while opening alliance chests.
  • Alliance Reclaim: You can recycle some useless stuff like extra Aethelflaed sculptures in the alliance shop to receive alliance credit in exchange.
  • Ark of Osiris: 100k credit is awarded to winning alliance players and losing alliance players receive 50k credit.
  • Pre-kvk: Killing marauders in stage 1 during the eve of Crusader can yield you lots of alliance credit.
passport requirements rok

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How to migrate in the Rise of Kingdoms

The immigration system has become really complicated in Rise of Kingdoms. However, we have tried our best to explain how you can migrate to other kingdoms in ROK.

  1. First up make sure you have enough passport pages.
  2. Once you have enough passports, zoom out of the map and you will see a globe icon on the bottom right side, Click on it
  3. You will see a list of all the kingdoms, find out your kingdom and click on it.
  4. Inside the kingdom tab, you will see your immigration status. If you meet all the requirements, then you are ready to go
  5. Click on the Immigrate button and you will be randomly teleported to the new kingdom.

Now that you know the basic steps and requirements for Migration, there is also a special set of rules based on kingdom status and Immigration types. below you can find all the details about it.

Different kingdom status

All kingdoms are divided into several categories based on their history and participation in the lost kingdom KvK.

Nascent: A newly established kingdom, only LVL 8 or below city-level players can migrate using beginner’s teleport.

Preparation Season: Kingdom is getting ready for KVK1 and hasn’t finished the Chronicles chapter ” The Last Golden Apple”.

Season 1: Kingdom has finished Home Kingdom Chronicles and getting ready for KvK1 or participating in it.

Season 2: Kingdom is getting ready for KvK 2 or participating in it.

Season 3: Kingdom is getting ready for KvK 3 or participating in it.

Season of Conquest: Kingdom is Getting ready SoC or participating in it

Offseason Kingdom: Currently, Kingdom is preparing for KvK, you can migrate there.

Lost Kingdom: Currently, Kingdom is participating in the KvK, you can’t migrate there.

Rising Kingdom: Before season 2, The top 25% kingdom with the highest power is called the Rising Kingdom.

Imperium Kingdom before SoC: During season 2 and 3 top 8 kingdoms of the season with the highest power is considered imperium kingdoms.

Imperium Kingdom in Season of Conquest: The top 24 kingdoms with the highest power during the SoC are considered imperium kingdoms.

Immigration types

There are two different types of immigration in Rise of Kingdoms. You can find them below.

Same-Season Immigration: Your current kingdom and the kingdom you want to move to are in the same season.

Cross-Season Immigration: Your current kingdom is older than the kingdom you want to move to and it’s in a different season.

Immigration Limitations

Season of your
current kingdom
Season of the
Target Kingdom
NascentSame Season
Preparation SeasonPreparation SeasonSame Season
Season 1Season 1Same Season
The Target Kingdom can only accept 30 cross-season immigrants.
Season 2Season 2Same Season
The Target Kingdom can only accept 30 cross-season immigrants.
Season 3Season 2Cross-Season
Your Character can’t be 90 days older than the target kingdom.
Season 3Season 3Same Season
The Target Kingdom can only accept 30 cross-season immigrants.
SoCSeason 2Cross-Season
Your Character can’t be 90 days older than the target kingdom.
SoCSeason 3Cross-Season
The Target Kingdom can only accept 30 cross season immigrants.
SoCSoCSame Season

Region: It’s made up of four different kingdoms. For example, Kingdom 1, Kingdom 2, Kingdom 3, and Kingdom 4 will be part of one region.

How to Migrate to Imperium Kingdoms

Imperium Kingdoms are the most powerful kingdoms in the game. So, migrating it is quite difficult there. if you are under the power limit then you can go there without any restrictions or rules.

However, if you are over the power limit then you need to exercise special immigration. Below you will find a full set of conditions for special immigration.

  1. Only the king can approve Special immigration. you will receive mail Apone getting approved and then migrate to that Imperium kingdom.
  2. You need to fulfill all the basic requirements of basic migration as well as power requirements.
  3. Imperium kingdoms can have up to 3 special immigration chances available at the same time. At the beginning of every month, they receive 1 chance.
  4. Special immigration chance will only be used if the player successfully migrates to the kingdom.
  5. Application for Special immigration is only valid for 3 days.

Power Cap

King can set different power caps for immigrants in order to prevent unnecessary players from coming to their kingdoms. following power caps can be set.

Same Season Immigration25m/35m/45m/55m/65m/No Cap
Cross-Season Immigration25m/35m/45m/55m/65m/100m
Rising Kingdom10m
Imperium Kingdom (Season 2)15m
Imperium Kingdom (Season 3)25m
Imperium Kingdom (SoC)35m

Note: The Power cap for the Rising Kingdom and the Imperium Kingdom is fixed and can’t be changed by the king.

What is a beginner’s immigration RoK?

It’s a token item given to new players in the game. You can use it to migrate to other kingdoms without using any passport pages. but there are some limitations.

In order to use them, you need to be at City Hall level 8 or below. The beginner’s migration only allows you to go to nascent kingdoms.

How do you use a beginner’s Immigration in Rise of Kingdoms?

  1. Zoom out of a map.
  2. Click on the globe icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. Select any Nascent kingdom that you want to migrate to
  4. Click on the Immigrate button.

Some extra tips and tricks for migration

  • Try to migrate right after the KvK in order to utilize double hospital capacity for a significant power drop. Fully heal your troops in your current Kingdom but don’t collect them, collect them after migrating to another kingdom.
  • Properly do your research about the new kingdom and make sure it’s a good kingdom to play in. You can’t migrate very often. Looking at the main alliance’s gift level should give you a good idea about the activity level of that kingdom.
  • Do not migrate without consulting the king or council of the new kingdom. They might see it as illegal migration and will zero you.

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