How to use Alliance titles in Rise of Kingdoms(ROK)

Being part of a good alliance is very essential in the rise of kingdoms. You will get lots of benefits like troop stats bonuses, faster resources gathering on alliance territory, and access to alliance credit and alliance shops. On top of this, there are alliance titles that can be given to the players and they will give some more stats like building speed, research speed, gathering speed, and combat bonuses.

In, this article I am going to explain what these alliance titles are and how exactly you can use them.

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What are alliance titles in Rise of Kingdom?

They are special buffs that can be given to alliance members. There are a total of 4 different alliance titles in the rise of kingdoms, Counsellor, Warlords Envoy, and Saint. You will receive the following buff based on your alliance title.

List of alliance titles

  • Counsellor – This title will give you 1% building speed as well as 1% research speed. Now it may not seem like such a big buff but for long research like Tier 5 troops, it can make a significant difference. Generally, alliances use this title in rotation for different players.
  • Warlord – You will gain 1% attack and defense with the Warlord title. However, this one won’t be available for most people. Warlord is much more useful for rally and garrison leaders.
  • Envoy – Envoy title is also the same as Warlord but instead of attack and defense, you get a 1% health boost. It’s also reserved for big whale players.
  • Saint – Not everyone is a fighter, some of you may just love farming. Saint will provide you with a 10% Gathering speed boost. Some alliances use this title in rotation for their highly contributing players.

How to use alliance titles?

First, up only the leader of the alliance can give the title to someone and only Rank 4 players can receive them. There can be a total of 8 different R4 players at the same time, However, four players will have titles at the same time. Remember, one player can’t have two different alliance titles at the same time.

The process of using alliance titles is quite simple, You just need to ask your R5(leader) to make you R4 and give you the title. However, based on your credibility and alliance rules the leader may or may not give you the titles.

That’s everything that you need to know about the alliance title. If you have any questions let me know in the comments.

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