How to Use Kingdom Titles in Rise of Kingdoms(ROK)

There are two types of titles in the ROK, Alliance Titles and kingdom Titles. We already made a guide on how to use Alliance titles and take advantage of their buffs. Now it’s time to show you what kingdom titles are in rise of kingdoms and how you can use them for your benefit.

What are kingdom titles in ROK?

Kingdom titles provide various buffs like research speed, building speed, and training speed up to the players of the Kingdom. There are positive kingdom titles like King, Queen, Prime minister, general, and so on as well as negative kingdoms like Traitor, fool and more. While positive titles provide buffs, negative titles provide debuffs to players. There are four categories of Kingdom titles, King, Ruler, Defender, and sinner. Below you will find a full list of ROk kingdom titles and their buff and debuffs

KingTroops Attack +5%
Troops Defense +5%
Troops health +5%
QueenGathering Speed +15%
GeneralTroops Attack +5%
Troops Defense +5%
Prime MinisterResource Production +15%
Building Speed +10%
ArchitectBuilding Speed +10%
JusticeTroops Attack +5%
March Speed +10%
DukeTroops Defense +5%
Training Speed +10%
ScientistResearch speed +5%
Gold Gathering Speed +10%
ExileTroops Defense -5%
TraitorTroops Attack -3%
Troops Defense -3%
BeggarResource Production -10%
SlaveTroops Health -5%
FoolBuilding Speed -5%
Research Speed -5%
SluggardMarch Speed -5%
Training Speed -5%

How to use Kingdom titles?

Before you request titles for yourself there are some basic things that you need to know about kingdom titles

  • Each person can only have one title at a time
  • King can give all titles
  • Aside from the king, ruler(Queen, general, and prime minister) can also provide titles

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how you can use Kingdom titles.

  • Step 1: Zoom out to the world map and make sure your city is visible
  • Step 2: Now click on the city and tap on the bookmark icon
  • Step 3: In the bookmark tab, type in the title name that you want for example “Architect please”. Save the bookmark
  • Step 4: Now go to the general bookmark tab on top of the screen, you will find your title bookmark there
  • Step 5: Share that bookmark to kingdom chat or alliance chat or with whoever is responsible for handing out titles
  • Step 6: Once done with the title, inform the title giver, and don’t forget to say thanks, remember they are not getting paid for that job.

The thing that you need to remember is that sometimes the title giver might be busy or there could be a big waistline as other players might also be requesting the same title. So be patient and don’t be toxic otherwise you will be blessed with negative titles. Some kingdoms also have time limits on titles like Duke, be sure to finish the task on time. Below are some tips on how to use different titles for different scenarios.


You will need a different title for different task

Architect: ask for upgrading building

Duke: ask for before training troops

Scientist: request before starting research

You can also request war-ready titles like general, Justice, and Duke when you are doing an important rally or garrison during kvk.

In order to obtain even more buff, combine it with an alliance title. On top of that, you can also grab the rune to take the buff even further.

That’s it for the kingdom title guide. Let us know if we missed anything and we will try to update asap.

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