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Rise of kingdoms(ROK) – passport requirements and migration guide

rise of kingdoms passport pages requirement

Is your kingdom losing KVKs constantly or has terrible alliance members who won’t stop annoying you? Well, worry not because rise of kingdoms has a migration system, which can allow you to go to other Kingdom. But how exactly it works and what are the requirements? Well, This is the full guide about migration and passport requirements in Rise of kingdoms (ROK).


First, let’s go over some basic requirements that you need to fulfill in order to migrate to other kingdoms.

  • City Hall level 16+
  • All marches inside the city including scouts
  • Your troops or city isn’t part of battle(No war frenzy)
  • Resources shouldn’t be higher than storehouse’s maximum capacity
  • You haven’t joined any alliance
  • Kingdom that you want to migrate into is 120 days old and isn’t participating in KVK(check different kingdom status for more details)
  • Most important, You have enough passport pages.(check below for more detail on passports)

Note: if you are participating in any event, for example, MGE, then your points for that event will be reset to zero after migration to the new kingdom.

Can you migrate to other kingdoms if your current kingdom is participating in kvk? Yes, you can.

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Passport pages – requirements and how to get them

Amount of passport pages you need to migrate is based on your total power.

PowerPassport PagesCredits Cost

Different kingdom status

Nascent: A newly established kingdom, only lvl 8 or below city level player migrate using beginner’s teleport.

Preparation Season: Kingdom is getting ready for KVK1, you can only migrate to the same region kingdoms

Season 1: The eight kingdoms of a region will enter Season 1 once they have all finished “The Last Golden Apple”. Immigration is possible between any of these kingdoms.

Season 2: Once Season 1 is finished, adjacent regions and their kingdoms will enter Season 2 together. Immigration is possible between any two kingdoms currently in Season 2.

Season 3: Once Season 2 is finished, adjacent regions and their kingdoms will enter Season 3 together. Governors in Season 3 kingdoms can immigrate to kingdoms that are in Season 2 or 3.

Season of Conquest: Once Season 3 is finished, kingdoms will enter the Season of Conquest. Governors in Season of Conquest kingdoms can immigrate to other kingdoms in the Season of Conquest, as well as those in Seasons 2 and 3.

Immigration Limited: The kingdom is currently participating in the Lost Kingdom event. You can’t migrate there

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How to get passport pages

There are two different ways to get a passport. The first one is by buying a New World bundle and the second one is using an alliance store.

New World bundle Price

New World bundle price increase every time you purchase the bundle at the same time gives you more passports. It gets reset after a while.


Buying a passport page from an alliance shop using alliance credit is a better option especially for free-to-play players. Every passport costs 600k alliance credit. Below there is a list of all the ways you can farm alliance credit in rise of kingdoms.

  • Building: you can earn up to 20k credits everyday when building flag, fortress and resources point. Check if your alliance do slow build for flag or fortress.
  • Technology: when you donate rss in alliance technology you get 100 credit, which can be crit up to 10x.
  • Daily help: up to 10k alliance credit can be earned by just pressing help button for your ally.
  • Alliance chests: you can get small amount credit while opening alliance chests.
  • Ark of Osiris: 100k credit is awarded to winning alliance players and losing alliance players receives 50k credit.
  • Pre-kvk: killing marauders in stage 1 of during eve of crusader can yield you lots of alliance credit.

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How to migrate in rise of kingdoms

  1. First up make sure you have enough passport pages.
  2. Once you have enough passports, zoom out of the map and you will see globe icon on bottom right side, click on it
  3. You will see list of all the kingdom, find out your kingdom and click on it.
  4. Inside kingdom tab you will see your immigration status. If you meet all the requirements then you are ready to go
  5. Click on immigrate button and you will be randomly teleported to new kingdom.

What about the power cap requirements? Well, some kingdoms will set low power caps to stop players from entering their kingdom without that kingdom’s council’s permission. You can ask the king to momentarily increase the power cap so you can get in.

Some extra tips and tricks for migration

  • Try to migrate right after the kvk in order to utilise double hospital capacity for significant power drop. Fully heal your troops in your current Kingdom but don’t collect them, collect them after migrating to another kingdom.
  • Properly done your research about new kingdom and make sure it’s a good kingdom to play in. you can’t migrate very often. Looking at main alliance’s gift level should give you good idea about the activity level of that kingdom
  • Do not migrate without consulting king or council of new kingdom. They might see it as illegal migration and will zero you.

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  1. RokCavsMain

    December 23, 2021 at 12:21 pm

    I knew that passports are requirements to migrate but I didn’t knew how to earn alliance credit to get those passport pages. Thanks for the guide

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