Xbox Series X and Series S Gets New Accessories

Microsoft’s next-gen consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are already out for pre-order. You can Pre-order Xbox Series X for 499$ and Series S 299$, which you will get on 10th November.

Now Microsoft has announced some brand new accessories for both consoles. We have a new “Shock Blue” color option for the Xbox controller. The controller will cost 59.99$.

For the PC gamers, there is a wireless adaptor for windows 10. It will connect your Xbox controller to your computer without any cables. You can still use the USB-C cable and Bluetooth options. All three options will be available with three different Xbox controller bundles.

Microsoft finally has some solution for the battery of the Xbox controller. Now rechargeable battery + USB-C cable bundle is available. The bundle is priced at 24.99$. The rechargeable battery takes around four hours to fully charge and you can also charge it while playing.

Lastly, Xbox Design Lab is getting updated. It will be temporarily offline from October, 14. New updates Xbox Design Lab will be in 2021.

All the accessories will be available to pre-order beginning today at 8AM. You can also get them through local retailers.

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