Rise of Kingdoms Legendary Tavern and Sovereign Keys complete guide

After spending some time on the rise of Kingdoms, you will realize those legendary commanders are the only ones that matter and epic commanders are not just that useful.

While it’s easier for pay-to-win players to get legendary commanders there are still several ways for F2P to get Legendary commander sculpture. One of the ways you get them is through Legendary Tavern. In this guide, you will learn how you can get Sovereign Keys and use them in Legendary Tavern.

What are Sovereign Keys?

Sovereign Keys are pretty much the same as gold keys. You can use them in Legendary Tavern to get commander’s sculptures along with other rewards like Starlight sculptures, Tome of Knowledge, speed-ups, and resources. However, what sets Sovereign Keys apart from gold keys is that it only gives you Legendary commanders and epic commanders are not part of the reward. Aside from that you also get new and better legendary commanders with them while you only get old commanders with gold keys.

How to get Sovereign keys?

There are two main ways to get Sovereign keys in the rise of Kingdoms.

The first one is very simple, you can acquire them by buying bundles and spending gems. However, this one only works for P2W players.

The second is for Free-to-play players. You can get them through various different events. So just look out for any event that gives you Sovereign keys. There will be some simple quests like hunting barbarians and forts, gathering resources, and training troops, All of which can be achieved by non-spending players.

Aside from this, you also get one free Sovereign key every day. Not that big of a deal but sometimes you get a pretty sweet reward from that single key.

How to use Legendary Tavern?

Once you acquire Sovereign keys now it’s a matter of them simply opening them in Legendary Tavern to get rewards. There are some interesting points that you need to know about the legendary Tavern. Check the below

  • You only get legendary commanders in Legendary Tavern(below there is a list of all the commanders)
  • For every 10 keys you open, there is a guaranteed Legendary commander of their sculptures.
  • Rewards are totally random and there is a probability for each reward(there is a table below which shows the probability of each reward)
  • Once you open a total of 200 Sovereign keys, you get 10 commander sculptures of the legendary commander of your choice.
  • If you get a sculpture of a commander with whom you already have expertise then your reward turns into 50 Legendary Marks
  • Legendary Marks can be used in an exchange shop for various rewards.
  • You can only open 2000 Sovereign keys in a day(this one doesn’t really matter that much, lol)
Sovereign Keys legendary commanders

Heart’s Desire event: Another way to use Sovereign keys

There is a limited-time event called heart’s desire during KvK(SoC and later) which also requires Sovereign keys. Instead of randomly getting legendary commanders here you pick 5 commanders of your choice and you will only receive sculptures of those commanders. So if you are looking to get a specific commander then the Heart’s desire event might be better for you than Legendary tavern.

List of Commanders Available in Legendary Tavern

Sovereign Keys commanders
  • Alexander the Great
  • Artemisia
  • Attila
  • Chandragupta Maurya
  • Constantine I
  • Cyrus the Great
  • Edward of Woodstock
  • Guan Yu
  • Genghis Khan
  • Harald Sigurdsson
  • Leonidas I
  • Moctezuma I
  • Nebuchadnezzar II
  • Ramesses II
  • Saladin
  • Takeda Shingen
  • Theodora
  • Tomyris
  • Trajan
  • William I
  • Yi Sun-sin
  • Zenobia

Legendary Tavern reward Probability

Alexander the Great 0.111%
Alexander the Great sculpture3.618%
Artemisia sculpture0.69%
Attila sculpture0.69%
Chandragupta Maurya0.021%
Chandragupta Maurya sculpture0.69%
Constantine I 2.124%
Constantine I sculpture0.066%
Cyrus the Great 0.035%
Cyrus the Great sculpture1.185%
Edward of Woodstock0.111%
Edward of Woodstock sculpture3.618%
Genghis Khan 0.111%
Genghis Khan sculpture3.618%
Guan Yu0.035%
Guan Yu sculpture1.185%
Harald Sigurdsson0.035%
Harald Sigurdsson sculpture1.185%
Leonidas I0.021%
Leonidas I sculpture0.69%
Moctezuma I0.035%
Moctezuma I sculpture1.185%
Nebuchadnezzar II0.021%
Nebuchadnezzar II sculpture0.69%
Ramesses II0.035%
Ramesses II sculpture1.185%
Saladin sculpture2.124%
Takeda Shingen0.035%
Takeda Shingen sculpture1.185%
Theodora sculpture0.69%
Tomyris sculpture2.124%
Trajan sculpture0.69%
William I0.035%
William I sculpture1.185%
Yi Sun-sin0.035%
Yi Sun-sin sculpture1.185%
Zenobia sculpture0.69%
Dazzling Starlight Sculpture 13.64%
Blessed Dazzling Starlight Sculpture 2.153%
Bundle of Dazzling Starlight Sculptures2.153%
Lvl 7 Tome of Knowledge11.486%
Lvl 6 Tome of Knowledge11.486%
15-Hours healing Speedup0.861%
8-Hours healing Speedup1.722%
15-Hours Research Speedup0.574%
8-Hours Research Speedup1.148%
15-Hours Training Speedup0.861%
8-Hours Training Speedup1.722%
2,000,000 Gold2.297%
600,000 Gold2.297%
200000 Gold2.297%
3,750,000 Stone2.297%
1,125,000 Stone2.297%
5,000,000 Wood2.297%
1,500,000 Wood2.297%
5,000,000 Food2.297%
1,500,000 Food2.297%

This is everything you need to know about Legendary Tavern and Sovereign keys. Let us know if we missed out anything and we will update it here.

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