20 Different ways to Quickly get speedups in Rise of Kingdoms

The things that set apart the whale and free-to-play players in the Rise of kingdoms(ROK) are the number of resources and Speedups they have. Now resources are pretty simple, you can make a bunch of farm accounts or loot someone’s city(only if you are not afraid of your kingdom’s council, lol) and get lots of resources without paying a penny. However getting speedups might not be that simple, you need to purchase bundles that cost money. Let’s be honest it’s better to spend that money on pizza than spend it on a mobile game. However F2P players aren’t completely doomed, Rise of kingdoms has plenty of options to get speed-ups without buying anything. So here is a list of every single way you can get the speedups in ROK.

List of ways to get speedups in Rise of Kingdoms

Below there are all the possible methods that you can use to quickly rack up tons of speedups in the game.

1. Daily Quest

There are some bunch of super easy-to-do daily tasks like gathering resources, hunting barbarians, and training some troops. You can finish those tasks and earn some speedups as part of daily quest rewards along with a gold key and a small number of gems.

2. Redeem Codes

This is the easiest way to get some speedups in the rise of kingdoms. We have already made a list of all the working ROK Redeem codes. You can just simply copy those codes and redeem them in the game for rewards like speed-ups, gems, gold keys, and more. You are welcome:)

3. Hunting Barbarians

Every day you receive 2000 Action Points(AP). You can use this AP to hunt down Barbarians on the map. Hunting barbarians will provide you with lots of speedups as well as resource tokens. Aside from the daily free AP you also get AP bottles through several events and alliance chests. It’s recommended that you save that AP and use them during KvK because barbarians during KvK are of a higher level and provide much better rewards. Aside from that there are several barbarian hunting limited events, make sure you take advantage of those events to get even more speed-ups by ranking higher in the leaderboard

4. Barbarian Forts

Barbarian fort hunting is similar to barbarian hunting but instead of doing solo, you have to rally with your ally. If you haven’t already unlocked the Tier 5 unit then this method is much more suitable for you. It won’t just provide the speedups but also the Book of Covenant which is a much-needed item for new players. Aside from that Barbarian fort hunting also benefits your alliance and all the members of it as it rewards the chest. Make sure you are rallying to the highest level of Barbarian forts to get the most amount of speed-ups. The max level of Barbarian fort in the home Kingdom is Level 5 while in KvK it’s Level 15.

5. Marauders

Marauders are enhanced versions of barbarians, they will provide you with more speedups and resources compared to regular barbarians. However, they are only available for a limited time during pre-kvk events. You should definitely save up some Action Points for them. They will provide you speedups and tons of other useful rewards including Alliance store credit which can be redeemed for a bunch of more rewards.

6. Mysterious Merchant

Mysterious Merchant randomly appears at Courier Station, generally right after you collect trained troops. She offers speedups as well as other rewards in exchange for a small number of resources. Since getting your hands on resources is pretty easy, you will get lots of speedsups for free. She also offers speed-ups in exchange for gems, which is not worth it at all. But hey it’s your gems so go ahead and use them if you feel like it.

7. VIP Store

VIP Store works in a similar fashion as the Mysterious Merchant store. You can exchange resources for speedups and other rewards. However, this shop refreshes once every week and you will be able to buy items based on your VIP levels.

8. Alliance Shop

Alliance store rise of kingdoms

Alliance Shop uses individual credit to grant you some pretty sweet rewards. It’s highly recommended that you don’t use your alliance credit on speed-ups because it has much better rewards like talent reset, passport pages, and Civilization Change tokens. But desperate time calls for desperate measures, So, if you really must have the speedups then this is an option too.

If you are looking to farm a bunch of individual credits for passports, then check out this complete migration guide for Rise of Kingdoms.

9. Expedition Medal store

Expedition rise of kingdoms

The expedition is PVE game mode in Rise of Kingdoms. It has a total of 80 levels which you should finish as soon as possible. The expedition level will give you medals, which you can redeem inside the store for speed-ups as well as commanders’ sculptures. If you are lucky enough you might even get a free legendary commander sculpture.

10. Sunset Canyons

Sunset Canyons is a PVP gameplay mode in ROK. You can challenge other players in the 5v5 March battle. Regardless of win or loss, you will receive some speedups. You will have a total of 7 chances every day plus more with challenge tickets. You get one challenge ticket from daily quest rewards. On top of that Sunset Canyons also has daily as well as weekly rewards for the top 3000 players. The higher you go on this leaderboard, the more speed-ups you will receive as a reward.

11. Lost Canyons

Lost Canyons rise of kingdoms

Lost Canyons is pretty much the same as Sunset Canyons. However, it’s only available during the KvK. Instead of rewarding individual battle Lost Canyons gives you Canyons coins. There are four different leagues in Lost Canyons, C, B, A, and S. The higher you are in the league, the more amount of Canyon coins you receive per hour. Canyon coins can be exchanged in the shop for rewards. Sadly it doesn’t have speedups in it. However, each league itself provides you with a bunch of speed-ups at the end of the season. So try to finish in a better league, you will have 5 chances every day for that.

12. Lucerne Scroll

Lucerne Scroll

Rise of Kingdoms also has Lucerne Scroll, which is a battle pass type of reward system. You can do a bunch of different quests to earn points and unlock more levels in the Lucerne Scroll. While there is a premium version of Lucerne Scroll, you can still get a good amount of speedups from the free version.

13. Peerless scholar

Not gonna lie, Peerless scholar is not the most popular game mode in ROK. It’s a quiz-type question and answers mini-game that gives you speedups and lots of gems. You can check the full Peerless scholar guide and answer cheat sheet here.

14. Joining a good alliance

Being a part of a good alliance is very important in the Rise of kingdoms. Whenever your ally purchases bundles, it also sends out gift chests to all Alliance members. So, if you are part of the alliance which has so many whale players then you will be constantly getting an enormous amount of speedup through the gift chest.

15. Monument Rewards and Lost Kingdom Chronicles

KvK Chronicles

Unlike all the other ways, this is not a repetitive method. You can only get rewards once from your city Monuments. However, when you migrate to another Kingdom you can claim all the rewards again. All you have to do is find the monument in your city and claim all the rewards, you will get lots of speed-ups and gems from them. Just like a home kingdom you also get Rewards during Kvk through Lost kingdoms Chronicles. Lost kingdom monument rewards can be claimed once every KvK.

16. Gold keys and Silver keys

Silver keys rise of kingdoms

Another simple way to speedups is by opening gold and silver keys. While they are mostly used for commander sculptures, you will still get a good amount of speed-ups from them.

If you wanna farm the gold keys quickly then don’t forget to check out our gold key farming guide for ROK

17. Sovereign Keys

legendary tavern rewards

Just like gold keys, Sovereign Keys also focus on legendary commander sculptures, but speed-ups are also part of the reward list. Don’t forget to check out this Sovereign Keys and legendary Tavern guide.

18. Crusader Achievements

Crusader Achievements rise of kingdoms

During the KvK, you can do tasks like building alliance structures, hunting barbarians, joining ruins and altars, and eliminating enemies to finish Crusader Achievements. Finishing these tasks will also give you different types of speed-ups.

19. Ceroli and Ian’s Ballad

Ceroli and Ian’s Ballad are limited-time game modes that come from time to time. You need to defeat various Barbarian lords and bosses to finish the event. You will receive several rewards and speedups are also part of those rewards.

20. Limited-time events

Rise of Kingdoms has plenty of more limited-time events like Golden kingdom, Champion of Olympia, wheel of fortune, hunt for history, Silk Road, and many more. All of these events and limited-time game modes will give you some amount of speed-ups.


As you can see Rise of Kingdoms(ROK) has plenty of ways to earn speed-ups even for Free-to-play players. Of course, it requires lots of time and grinding but that is the story of pretty much any MMO game. If you come across any new ways to farm speedups, then tell us, and we will update them here.

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