Rok Greece Civilization – Should you switch?

As you might be aware the Rise of Kingdoms now has a new civilization, Greece. Now many players are wondering whether they should switch to Greece Civilization or not. Well, here is the answer and full Guide on Greece Civilization in the Rise of kingdoms.

Greece Civilization Buffs

All the Civilizations in rok provide a couple of different stat buffs. Greece Civilization will give you the following buffs.

  • Infantry health 5%
  • Rallied Army damage 5%
  • Stone gathering speed 10%

If you are infantry main then 5% health is definitely a good thing. Health is the best stat in the game, especially for infantry, since those troops are designed to be defensive.

Secondly, 5% rally army damage is no joke. It will increase all types of damage your rally does by 5%. That kind of buff is extremely beneficial especially if you are doing an infantry rally. It will sync up perfectly with the 5% infantry health.

The third buff is completely useless. It gives you a 10% stone gathering buff. Sounds good if you are a farmer but if you are a warrior then it won’t do you any good.

Special Unit

Every Civilization has a special unit, which increases base stats for particular troop types. Greece Civilization has Argyraspide Infantry as a special unit. The following stats will be boosted:

Tier 4 Infantry

special troop Greece Civilization

Tier 5 Infantry

Elite Argyraspide stats

Argyraspide gives T4 infantry an attack and health boost while giving an attack and defense boost to T5 infantry.

Starting commander for Greece Civilization

Rise of Kingdoms Pericles

Just like a special unit every Civilization also has a starting commander which you can get for free when you select that Civilization. Greece Civilization has Pericles as the starting commander. He was a politician and strategist in Ancient Greece.

In Rise of Kingdoms, Pericles is an infantry commander with garrison and support specialties. Even though Sun Tzu still remains the best Epic infantry commander, he isn’t so bad either, especially when you will be getting him for free anyways.

Should you switch to Greece Civilization?

Now time for the final question, if you should switch to Greece Civilization or not?

Well, if you are an infantry rally leader, Greece Civilization is the best choice for you and you should definitely switch to it.

If you are an infantry main player who does open-field fighting then you can consider switching. However, Rome will be a better choice, it will give you 5% infantry defense instead of health but it will also give you valuable 5% march speed.

Unless you are these two types of players, then you can probably avoid it, it won’t be any good for you.

Here you can find a tier list for all Civilizations where all rok nations are ranked.

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