Survivor io codes – New and Working (September 2023) is a zombie survival game where you need powerful weapons and upgrades to win. It’s already free-to-play friendly but on top of that developers provide gift codes that you can redeem for some valuable in-game rewards.

Below you will fill list of working gift codes in Survivor io along with a complete guide on how you can redeem them. Such gift codes are often released on social media platforms.

We have saved you the hassle of going through each platform to find the latest redeem. You can just check this page for the latest updates. So, be sure to bookmark this page for the future.

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Updated on: 02 September 2023 codes

  • COMEBACK – 100 gems, 2 Revival coins, and 2 Powerful pet chest key
  • HeatNow – 100 gems and 20 Energy
  • anniversary – 100 gems, 20 Energy, and 20k Gold
  • deepsea2023 – 100 gems and 10 Energy
  • GreaterHeat – 100 gems, 20 Energy, and 100 pet cookies
  • summerday – 100 gems and 20 Energy
  • GraininEar – 100 gems and 30 Energy
  • tangtanggpkr – 100 gems and 2000 Gold
  • LUCKY2023 – 200 gems and 10 Energy

There are currently 9 working codes in the game right now.

Expired codes

  • PlantNow
  • 2023Spring
  • kakao10gift
  • SpringArbor
  • DADA5000DC
  • survivor11
  • 20challenge23
  • LOVE2023
  • LNY2023
  • XMAS2022IO
  • 20Thanksgiving22
  • et1231777
  • halloween31
  • pumpkin
  • dinter888
  • dinter777
  • orange0818
  • akaoni1207
  • crazyface777
  • yesranger666
  • mapleleaves
  • yesranger666
  • Survivor2301
  • TV1000VIP888
  • stanley888
  • no1zombi
  • oni666
  • stanley234
  • dinter001
  • 811survivorio
  • 11survivorio08
  • 40shuteye
  • beryl41
  • namin1004
  • survivorio811
  • survivoriotop1
  • tanabata
  • obon2023
  • Autumn88 

How to Redeem Codes in Survivor io has a slightly different system for code redemption. Unlike most game which has an in-game code redeem system, Survivor Io has a dedicated website where you have to place your player ID and code. below you will find step-by-step instructions to redeem codes. code
  1. Go to settings and find your player ID
  2. Click on Copy ID
  3. Now get to the Official code redeem website.
  4. Paste your player ID
  5. Now copy one of the working code from our site
  6. Paste that on the gift code site.
  7. Type in the captcha code
  8. boom, you will receive rewards in-game through mail
gift survivor io

Note: If you don’t see rewards after redeeming, make sure to restart the game to receive reward mail.

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