Best Weapons and Gear tier list

We recently made survivor io skill tier list with best skill. However, skills alone aren’t enough you will also need best weapon and gear in order to survive against the zombie horde. So we made this survivor io weapons and gear tier list which will help you pick out best weapon and gear for each slot.

This tier list will be updated as new items are added to the game. Meanwhile you can also check out these Survivor. io redeem code to get some sweet rewards.

Best weapon in

1. Void Power

void power survivor io

Zombies: S+ / Boss: S+

Void power is the best weapon in the game right now. It has long range, damage out out is insane while providing survival capabilities. Even without evolution skill, avoid power is very destructive. It works extremely well against zombie waves as well as the boss. Sure, you have to aim but damage area is so big that it won’t matter much.

2. Light chaser

light chaser

Zombies: S / Boss: A

Light chaser looks really cool when your character holds it, but that’s not the only good thing about it. It’s very powerful weapon to clear out zombie waves quickly. It’s has good damage output from the start and scales up nicely over time. Due to limited range it might not be the best choice against boss but it will still get job done for most parts.

3. Kunai

survivor io kunai build

Zombies: A / Boss: S

Kunai will make you feel like ninja and it’s really fun weapon to play with. It has auto aim meaning doesn’t matter where you are standing at, it will automatically hit enemies. Auto aim works very nicely against bosses, you don’t have to go too close to them and Kunai will still hit them. Evolution makes this weapon insanely fast deadly. However downside is that you will need EXP skill for evolution, which is absolutely useless skil.

4. Baseball Bat

baseball bat survivor io game

Zombies: A / Boss: B

Baseball bat is great for clearing out zombies especially on vertical maps. On vertical map you have very small are to move around and sometimes you get really scrunched in. That’s where Baseball bat’s ability to knock back enemies comes in really handy, it can provide you valuable breathing room for couple of seconds.

4. Katana

survivor io katana

Zombies: B / Boss: B

Katana is basically nerfed version of light chaser. It doesn’t really shine at anything and evolution also requires useless skill that gives damage reduction. However it still has decent damage output and can be good option in absence of the top tier weapon.

5. Shotgun

how to get shotgun in survivor io

Zombies: B / Boss: B

One of the most annoying weapon in the game. First you have to aim at the target and on top of that damage output isn’t that great at the beginning. Only positive thing about shotgun is evolution. Damage and spread increases significantly and skill used for Evolution is increased Attack, which is one of the best passive skills in the game.

6. Revolver


Zombies: C / Boss: C

The worst weapon in the game right now. Almost everything that revolves has to offer, there is at least one weapon which can do far better job. It will be best if you just avoid using revolver all together.

Best Armor in

1. Eternal Suit – S+

eternal suit survivor io

Eternal suit can fully revive you in the match and also grants Attack and movement boost on revival. once it reaches legendary level it can revive you twice. The ability to revive could be a total game changer, making Eternal suit the best armor in the game.

2. Voidwaker Windbreaker – S

voidwaker windbreaker survivor io

After Eternal suit Voidwaker Windbreaker is probably the second-best armor. When you are close to death it stops the death gives you Berserk which gives you insane amount of damage boost.

3. Full Metal Suit – A

full metal suit

Full metal suit works same as Eternal Suit, but it can only revive you once, don’t provide buffs and you are resurrected at 50% HP.

4. Carapace – B

carapace armor survivor io

Carapace prevent you from taking a bullet damage. it might be good where enemies shoot bullets but for most part it won’t be that useful

5. Protective Suit – B

protective suit survivor io

Just like Carapace, protective suit will save you from radiation damage. It’s decent armor for a map where enemies do radiation damage, but other top tier armor will be better in most scenarios.

6. Army Uniform – C

army uniform

Army uniform provides HP boost up to 20% and has inspiration skill provides 10% HP healing per 5 second when you kill the boss. Both of the buff is totally worthless as HP boost doesn’t matter much in

7. Traveler’s Jacket – C

traveler's jacket survivor io

Traveler’s jacker provides same buffs as Army uniform. As mentioned before healing isn’t that good tactic in survivor io, which makes Traveler’s jacket worthless armor too.

Best Belt in

1. Eternal Belt – S

survivor io best belt

Eternal Belt can provide you invisibility for 2s upon getting a damage. This effect can happen once every minute. Further more, Legendary Eternal Belt provides you with 50% Attack boost. Without doubt it’s one of the best belt to use in

2. Stylish Belt – S

stylish belt

Stylish belt is somewhat similar to eternal belt. It provides shield which block damage time for every 200 enemies you kill. After reaching it also grants you immunity for 1s along with shield. In the later stage of game 200 zombies will be hunted down quickly. So basically you will have almost permanent immunity during zombie waves.

3. Voidwaker Sash – S

voidwaker sash survivor io

Voidwaker sash also makes you immune damage with hardened skill for 5s. It gets triggered for every 500 kills. Additionally, it also instantly kills minion upon collision after reaching legendary level.

4. Army Belt – A

best belt survivor io

Army belt gives you shield for killing elite zombie or boss. It also gives good amount of damage and movement boost. Overall solid belt early game when you don’t have access to top tier belts.

5. Waist Sensor – B

waist sensor survivor io

Waist sensor is very interesting belt. It gives 20% movement speed when above 50% HP and 20% damage taken reduction when below 50% HP. It’s decent buff, nothing too special but nice to have kind of belt.

6. Broad Waistguard – C

broad waistguard

Broad Waistguard does radiation damage when you heal yourself. Problem is that you will need healing skills for this belt to work. As mentioned before healing isn’t the best tactic in the game.

7. Leather Belt- C

leather belt survivor io game

Leather Belt provides healing and movement speed buff. both of them are totally worthless.

Best Gloves in

1. Eternal Gloves – S

eternal gloves survivor io

Eternal gloves provides lots of attack boost along with crit chance and crit attack boost. It’s one the best glove to use right now.

2. Voidwaker Handguards – S

voidwaker handsguard survivor io

Voidwaker Handguards instantly kill enemies below 20% HP and provides 50% damage against elite and bosses. Upon becoming legendary it gains Sanguine Aura which make enemies lose 1% HP per 0.1 second.

3. Fingerless Gloves – A

fingerless gloves survivor io game

Fingerless gloves provides up to 25% Attack damage and has 1% chance to instantly kill enemies excluding boss. It provides 3% permanent damage boost per 200 kills, which can stake up to 30% damage boost.

4. Leather Gloves – B

survivor io best glove

Leather gloves provides decent amount of attack and crit boost. It’s good gloves but honestly eternal gloves are far better.

5. Army Gloves – B

army gloves survivor io game

Army gloves provides up to 50% damage buff against elites and bosses. You can use them if you are struggling to defeat particular boss otherwise there are better options.

6. Protective Gloves – B

protective gloves survivor io

Protective gloves make radiation ring that does damage over time when you kill monsters. It not bad gloves but in compare to other gloves it’s not top tier.

7. Shiny Wristguard – C

shiny wristguard

Shiny wristguard makes small explosions when monster die. It sounds like awesome tactic but it really isn’t. The damage output is small and not enough for clearing massive waves.

Best Necklace in

1. Eternal Necklace – S+

Eternal Necklace

Eternal Necklace deals damage based on enemies HO. Higher the target’s HO, the more damage it deals. It also deals additional damage to the enemies with full HP. It will help you scale up damage out as game progress, making it the best necklace in

2. Voidwaker Emblem – S

Voidwaker Emblem

Voidwake Emblem works in opposite way of eternal necklace. Lower the HP, more damage dealt as well as more crit rate.I’m. It also provides berserk mode upon leveling up which gives 40% damage boost. it’s very powerful necklace, The reason it’s ranked behind external necklace is that you will need damage when enemies have more HP rather than when they have low HP.

3. Trendy Charm – A

Trendy Charm

Trendy charm provides 2% skill cool-down reduction for every 200 monsters killed. It can scale up to total of 30% cool-down reduction. This kind of bonus is no joke, you will simply firing one skill after another, nonstop.

4. Metal Neckguard – A


Metal Neckguard is quite an interesting necklace. You see, it boost effect of first and last picked passive skill. It’s like double edge sword. It can be either extremely lower or extremely weak, which two passive skills you end up picking up. The main problem here is skill are presented to you randomly. So you don’t have much of control here.

5. Bone Pendant – B

Bone Pendant

Bone pendant greatly reduces movement speed of monsters that comes near you. It isn’t overpower buff but it can be quite powerful when you are using lots of AOE skills.

6. Emerald Pendant – C

Emerald Pendant

Emerald Pendant creates radiation ring which deal damage to enemies who walks over it. Not very power and damage output is low.

7. Army Nameplate – C

Army Nameplate

Army Nameplate gives you inspire effect upon killing elite and boss. This inspire provides you all damage boost of 20%. However it goes away as soon as you hit by enemy. And it will happen quite quickly so buff isn’t long lasting, making army nameplate one of the worst necklace in the game.

Best Shoes in

1. Voidwaker Treads – S+

best shoes survivor io

Voidwaker Treads give 10% movement speed for every 500 enemies killed. It can scale up to 50%. So far nothing fancy, but once you upgrade it to legendary, it deals more damage to enemies who has low movement speed than you, which are basically everyone! It’s as if you are cheating against zombies.

2. Eternal Boots – S

Eternal boost

Eternal boots leaves fire trail behind you which can do good amount damage to enemies and you will look super cool while doing it.

3. Light Runners – A

light runners

Light runners reduce damage received by 20% when getting a hit and provides 20% damage boost upon killing an enemy. Both buffs last for 3s, Howe damage boost will be permanent as you will be constantly killing enemies.

4. Army Boots – B

army boots

Army boots are same as army nameplate, it gives you inspire 30% movement speed for killing elites and bosses which fades away after getting a hit. But unlike army nameplate it offers also provides 30% skill cool down reduction as part of inspire.

5. Prosthetic legs – C

Prosthetic Legs

Prosthetic legs will provide minor HP boost with some healing and very little movement speed bonus. Not at all worth it.

6. Highboots – C


Highboots gives you 30% movement speed for 5s per 200 monsters killed and makes you immune to bullet damage. More most part it isn’t very useful. Unless you are in map where there are several enemies with ranged attack, it will be complete waste of your gear slot.

7. Layered Snowshoes – C

Layered Snowshoes

Layered snowshoes leaves behind a radiation trail, just like eternal boots. However, damage isn’t really as good as eternal boots and movement is also slower.

How to upgrade and Merge Weapons and Gears

upgrading weapons are very simple in, you will need blueprint and gold to level up them up. it will provide better stats for each level.

how to upgrade weapon in survivor io

you can also merge two weapon or gear to get the next rarity of the weapon. For example, you can combine 3 Better quality weapons to turn them in a single Excellent quality weapon.

how to merge weapon in survivor io

Furthermore, you can also apply additional levels to excellent quality weapon by combining two same excellent quality weapons.

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