Best skills tier list is super fun zombie hunting game. It has simple gameplay style however game mechanics includes certain skills which can help you smash the zombie.

There are several different skills available in the game and then there is their evolutions too. For a new player it can be quite confusing to pick skills. Well worry not because we have created this skill tier list which will guide to pick out best skills in the game.

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S Tier

these are overpowered and must pick skill in the game right now. they will surely give you edge in the battle.

1. Forcefield (active)

Forcefield skill

Forcefield generates laser shield around you, and it deals damage to any enemy that touches it. it’s one of the best defensive skills in the game since it can protect you in circular area when mass zombie attack comes in.

2. Guardian (active)

Guardian skill

Guardian works in similar fashion as the Forceshield. upon activation this skill, two disc starts circling around you slicing through zombies. when reached to max tier it can have up to six-disc circling at high speed, which makes it powerful defensive skill which also does lots of damage at the same time.

3. Molotov (active)

Molotov skill

Molotov is AOE skill in Survivor.IO and it’s very effective. it creates burning area on the map which can deal damage to any enemy that step into it. It is very powerful since start of the game, however, becomes absolutely insane once reached max tier. the best part is that, when Molotov skill reaches max tier, it creates sort of ring of fire around you, preventing any zombie from reaching you.

4. Modular Mine (active)

Modular mine skill

You won’t have this skill at the beginning. It will only unlocked after your character level increases. Modular mine is extremely good for crowd control and it can have multiple evolves, making it one of the best skill in the game.

5. Energy Cube (passive)

Energy cube skill

Energy cube can reduce attack cooldown by 8% and reaches all the way to 40% when maxed. So, you can attack almost 2x faster, which is no joke at all. This is one of the must pick skill.

6. He Fuel (passive)

He fuel skill

He Fuel can increase ammo size and all weapon size up to 50%, meaning your RPG rockets, Drill Shot, Brick and other projectiles will be 0.5x bigger than original size. Not just that skills like forcefield, Guardian will create bigger protection area for you. This will be extremely useful when huge amount of zombie starts to swarm you.

7. Hi-Power Bullet (passive)


Hi-power bullet increases all attacks by 50%. this is pretty much self-explanatory, not picking a 50% attack boost in no-brainer.

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A Tier

Really good skills that works well for most parts

1. Drill Shot (active)

drill shot skill

Drill Shot launches rotating drill at enemies which bounces around couple of time and pierce trough everything that comes in its path. It isn’t very powerful at the start but at max tier it becomes quite lethal after getting a speed boost and number of drills increased. It works really well in small map since it can quickly bounce around the map.

2. Durian (active)

Durian skill

If you already don’t know, Durain is fruit with spikey exterior. This is sort of funny skill, Durain bounce around the map and hit zombie with the spikes along the way. it works in similar ways as drill shot only difference is that it only fire one Durain. As part of level process, it gains size and damage boost.

3. Lighting Emitter (active)

lighting emitter skill

Lighting Emitter strikes enemies with lightning bolt. The damage output is really great and scale up nicely when more lightning bolts are added with upgrades. Only problem is the randomness of the damage area. You will always need to be on lookout for its target area.

4. Soccer Ball (active)

soccer ball skill

Soccer ball works just as durian and Drill shot. instead of Spikey fruit and Drill, here soccer ball bounces around the map. As upgrades it gains more ball, speed and damage. Just like other two skill this is also good for closed map with small boundaries.

5. Ammo Thruster (passive)

ammo thruster skill

Ammo Thruster increase bullet speed by 50%, which means your weapon shots will reach faster toward enemies. it good pick especially for skills like Drill Shot.

6. EXO Bracer (passive)

exo bracer

Exo Bracer increase Effect over time duration by 50%, it can be really useful for skills like Molotov which does damage over time.

B Tier

Average skills might be good in early game and works in some particular maps.

1. Laser Launcher (active)

laser launcher skill

Laser Laucher fires laser is vertical crisscross pattern. it looks really cool. however, damage output isn’t really that great, it may work well on vertical maps otherwise not good option to pick.

2. RPG (active)

RPG skill

This kill launches RPG and does AOE damage upon impact. It’s a very fun skill to play with however damage doesn’t really scale that well with upgrades.

3. Type-A Drone (active)

type a drone skill

A Missile firing drone gets summoned near you. It continuously fires missiles on a small target area. This target area keeps moving in circular movement. You need to quickly upgrade this skill to get advantage otherwise a small target area of this skill will make your gameplay much more difficult.

4. Type-B Drone (active)

type b drone skill

A Type-B drone is pretty much the same as the type-A drone. The only difference is the reduced number of missiles with more damage and shorter cooldown.

6. Fitness Guide (passive)

fitness guide skill

Fitness Guide can double your HP. It’s not really that good of a skill because you will need more damage to survive not more HP.

5. Energy Drink (passive)

energy drink skill

Energy drink restores 5% HP every 5 seconds. Sounds really good but it isn’t because when the mass number of zombies starts swarming, 5s will feel very long to you.

7. Koga Ninja Scroll (passive)

koga ninja scroll skill

You know those little green and blue dots that provide exp for leveling up? koga Ninja scroll gives 50% exp boost. You can pick it very early in the match to level up in no time and acquire evo skills quickly. However this skill isn’t required at all because zombies drop tons of exp dots anyways.

8. Sports Shoes (passive)

sport shoes skill

Sports shoes can boost movement speed up to 50%. It may help a little bit at the start of the game to pick up experience points. But as the match progresses, you won’t be moving too much. And excessive speed also makes it harder to control the character. Unfortunately this skill is required for powerful evolution skills, quantum ball. So you might have to pick it just for that.

C Tier

You can probably avoid these skills, they won’t be much of help for you.

1. Brick (active)

Brick skill

Like name suggest it throws bricks above you. It’s really bad skill. There isn’t enough damage even after upgrade and evolution isn’t top notch either.

2. Boomrang (active)

boomrang skill

Same as brick skill, throws boomerangs which comes back to starting position, hitting enemies in between. This skill doesn’t scale that well with upgrades and evolution skill is absolutely terrible.

3. Oil Bond (active)

oil bond skill

Oil Bond increased amount of gold you gather by 40%. it’s required to evolve molotov skill, otherwise it’s useless as it doesn’t really help with the gameplay.

4. Hi-Power Magnet (passive)

hi power magnet skill

Generally you have to walk up to the exp points and item to pick them up, but Hi-Power Magnet can pull them near you. It doesn’t help much because you can easily pick up exp points without it and Evolution skill is also not good.

5. Ronin Oyori (passive)

ronin oyoroi skill

Ronin Oyori reduces damage taken by 50%. This is the most useless skill the game because why you would want to take damage in the first place. You primary goal is not to touch zombies! Best Evolution skills

You can get powerful evolution skills by combining two skills. Below you will find Best Evo skills to use in

S Tier

1. Destroyer

destroyer skill

Type-A and Type-B drones may not be top tier skill but when they come together and becomes destroyers, we’ll, they simply destroy everything. One of the most powerful skill in the game right now and must pick.

2. Divine Destroyer

You can further enhance Destroyer by combining it with medi-drone. It will create ad dip healing zone for you.

3. Quantum ball

quantum ball skill

When you combine soccer ball with sport shoes skill, it will evolve to Quantum Ball. Very power skill especially on small map. Several quantum ball travels really fast around the map dealing insane amount of damage to zombies.

4. Supercell

supercell skill

You can get supercell evo skill by combining lightning emitter with Energy Cube. Lighting emitter itself is decent skill but when it turn into super cell it becomes thundering destruction. Supercell constantly shower enemies with higher damage powerful lighting bolts.

A Tier

1. 1-Ton Iron

1 ton iron skill

1-Ton Iron can be acquired by combining brick and Fitness guide. It’s replaces bricks with 8 heavy dumbbells which shoots out in all directions around you. These dumbbells does plenty of damage however, skill cycle is on slower side.

2. Defender

defender skill

Defender is a combination of Guardian and Exo-Bracer skill. It’s deals continuous damage with rotating circular blades. The damage output is quite powerful however range is little shorter than some other powerful evo skills.

3. Fuel Barrel

fuel barrel skill

You can evolve Molotov by fusing it with oil bond. Fuels barrel create even more powerful and bigger ring of fire around you. Only problem with this skill the requirement of Oil bond skill.

4. Whistling Arrow

Whistling arrow skill

Drill shot and Ammo thruster will give Whistling Arrow as evolution. It does lots of damage in small map, continuously piercing trough enemies. The range of skill is really good which can give you breathing room in intense situations.

B Tier

1. Caltrops

caltrops skill

When Durian combines with a HE Fuel it evolves in to Caltrops skill. Basically pointy fruit turns in spiky iron ball. Just like Durian it’s a average skill for small maps.

2. Deathray

death ray skill

Death ray is created by Laser launcher and Energy cube. The basic cross-cross laser now launches in circular area. It’s not that bad but there is better option available. You can use lighting emitter with Energy cube to get supercell, which is far bette than Death ray.

3. Magnetic Rebounder

magnetic rebounder skill

Magneto Rebounder skill is combination of Boomrang and Hi-power magnet. Honestly, they look very cool. However damage isn’t good at all and Hi-power Magnet is complete waste of skill slot.

4. Sharkmaw Gun

Sharkmaw skill

RPG missiles turns into sort of Nuke missiles with shark camo when fused with He Fuel. Damage is quite good however without range ability it doesn’t help much. On top of the it only clears one side while most skill will clear zombies from all sides

5. Thunderbolt Bomb

thunderbolt skill

This is relatively new skill so many people wonder how you can get Thunderbolt Bomb in Well it can be obtained by combining lightning emitter with modular mine. It’s a decent skill for controlling the field for while but has same randomness problem. You won’t know where exactly skill will land

6. Inferno Bomb

inferno bomb skill

Inferno Bomb is same as Molotov, it creates burning zone after explosion. You can get it by mixing Modular mine and Molotov. It it’s really more effective than the Molotov and explosions are very slow too.

C Tier

1. Force Barrier

Force Barrier skill

There isn’t much of difference between regular force field and pressure Forcefield. You will only get little healing as part of evolution and as mentioned before healing isn’t that good of option in the game. On top of that energy drink also use up your valuable skill slot.

That’s it for skill tier list, we hope it helped you find best skills in the game. you can also share your opinions about different skills in the comments. We will take them in account while updating tier list.

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