rise of kingdoms rok Bjorn Ironside talent build, commander pairing and equipments

ROK Bjorn Ironside Best Talent Tree, Commander Pairings And Equipment Guide

Bjorn Ironside was released in rise of kingdoms(ROK) along with Ragnar Lodbrok during the Vikings update. He is a powerful infantry commander, especially when you take his epic rarity into consideration. Aside from infantry, he has two other special talent trees, conquering, and skill. Bjorn can be obtained very easily from Tavern chests or you can get him for free when you choose Vikings as your starting civilization.

This is a full guide on Bjorn Ironside with talent tree builds, Commanders pairings, Equipment setup, and Skill upgrade order.

björn ironside Skill overview

Fearless Fighter(Active Skill)

Required Rage: 1000

Deals direct damage (Damage Factor 500), increasing their skill damage taken by 10% for 3 seconds.

Longboat Marauder(passive)

Troops led by this commander gain 15% increased attack when attacking cities.

Attack Bonus: 2%/5%/8%/11%/15%

Viking Lord(passive)

Infantry units led by this commander gain 10% increased attack and 10% increased defense.

Infantry Attack Bonus: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%
Infantry Defense Bonus: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%


Normal attacks have a 10% chance to deal direct damage to the target (Damage Factor 800). This skill can trigger once every 5 seconds.

Direct Damage Factor: 300/400/500/650/800

Booming Warsong(expertise)

Fearless Fighter – Deals direct damage (Damage Factor 700), causing the target and up to 2 nearby enemies in a forward-facing fan-shaped area to take 15% increased skill damage for 3 seconds.

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Skill upgrade order


Bjorn Ironside could be a really good commander for the open field at an early stage of the game. During KvK1 and KvK 2 he will be quite useful for you. He also has skills for rallying cities and garrisons but that’s more of a legendary commander’s job. So, He might not be so good for rallying.


  • Strong Epic infantry commander
  • Decent AOE Damage
  • Debuff enemies
  • Works with almost every infantry commander


  • Slow March speed
  • Not very tanky
  • Legendary infantry commanders will always outperform

Is Bjorn Ironside good in ROK?

It’s should be pretty easy to max out Bjorn Ironside, given he is an epic commander. However, if you are a new player and wondering which is the right skill upgrade order then you can avoid a second skill. It’s only good for rallying the city and you really shouldn’t be rallying the city with him.

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Bjorn Ironside Talent Tree builds

These are a few suggested Bjorn Ironside Talent Tree for open fields and rallies.

Open field – option 1

rise of kingdoms bjorn ironside talent tree build

You can use this build for murder ball during ruins and alter. This talent tree focuses on doing sustained damage and staying longer period on the field.

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Open field – option 2

rise of kingdoms bjorn ironside vikings

Option 2 is Focused on skill damage suitable for nuking. If you like to do big damage with one skill cycle and then retreat back then this build will fulfill your needs.

Note: Bjorn isn’t suitable for rallying cities, it’s better to be left for maxed-out legendary commanders. That’s why rally talent isn’t being included here.

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Bjorn Ironside Commander Pairings

Bjorn Ironside is versatile and can be used as both, primary and secondary commanders.

  • Sun Tzu – Sun Tzu is perfect for Bjorn. You can easily get him because he is an epic commander too. Both commanders have AOE and good skill damage and attack boosts. Use Sun Tzu secondary to get the advantage of skill damage boost and debuff from Bjorn Ironside.
  • Guan Yu– Guan Yu works in a similar fashion as Sun Tuz but better because he is a legendary commander. Use Guan as primary otherwise he loses so much value.
  • Alexander the great– Alexander is a highly versatile commander and works well with every infantry commander and Bjorn is no exception. You can use him as both primary and secondary.
  • Harald Sigurdsson – Ironside has good offense but lacks defense and tankiness. That’s where Harald comes in, he doesn’t just provide extra skill damage but also provides so much-needed protection against the swarm. He can be used as both, but try to keep Harald primary and hide Bjorn behind him so people don’t target your March very often.
  • Charles Martel– works the same as Harald, and provides defense and counter damage during murderball. Once again use him primarily to avoid multiple attacks from enemies.
  • Richard– Richard is a very powerful commander, especially at early stages like KvK 1 and KvK 2. He has massive healing and defensive buff.

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Bjorn Ironside Best Equipment set

Ultimate equipment set

  • Weapon: Hammer Of The Sun And Moon
  • Helm: Helm Of The Conquerer
  • Chest: Hope Cloak
  • Glove: Vambraces Of The Eternal Empire
  • Legs: Eternal Night
  • Boots: Sturdy Boots Of The Eternal Empire

Stat boost from the set

Inf Attack – 32.5%
Inf Defense – 75%
Inf Health – 0%
All troops Defense – 3%

You probably won’t be using this ultimate equipment set for Bjorn Ironside, but if you thinking long term then this is a good set for your future legendary infantry pairings.

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Medium equipment set

  • Weapon: Gatekeeper’s Shield
  • Helm: Helm Of The Conquerer
  • Chest: Hope Cloak
  • Glove: Seth’s Brutality
  • Legs: Karuak’s Humility
  • Boots: Frost Treads

Stat boost from the set

Inf Attack – 0%
Inf Defense – 38%
Inf Health – 21%

F2P equipment set

  • Weapon: Gatekeeper’s Shield
  • Helm: Witch’s Lineage
  • Chest: Quinn’s Soul
  • Glove: Seth’s Brutality
  • Legs: Karuak’s Humility
  • Boots: Frost Treads

Stat boost from the set

Inf Attack – 21%
Inf Defense – 15%
Inf Health – 21%

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    1. There are so many but if you are looking for one specific then go with Alexander the Great, He is an open field beast and as a F2P you can pair him with lots of other commanders too.

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