ROK commander tier list – Best commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms(ROK) has plenty of legendary and epic commanders. It can be quite confusing to pick one good commander in whom you can invest your sculpture. Here is the tier list of Rok commanders which will help you pick out your next best commander.

This tier list includes both epic and legendary commanders for different scenarios like an open field, rallying, garrison, and PVE. We will try to keep it updated with every release of new commanders. This guide only focuses on a single commander and his/her usability in a different situation. If you are looking for the best commanders to pair together then check out this rok best commander pairings for 2023.

Rise of Kingdoms commander ranking tiers explained

  • S+ – The one above the all
  • S – extremely strong commanders capable of making your enemies cry, worth every sculpture
  • A – Previously S tier and runners up, Very powerful but just not quite perfect.
  • B – Good commanders. they might not give you the best result but are still useable for most parts
  • C – You have very limited choice and don’t have access to previous tier commanders.
  • D – Doesn’t work at all
  • F – Farmville

Updated On: 08, August 2023

Note: This list is up to date till the latest release of new Cavalry commanders Huo Qubing and Justinian I. Lilith also released an update to the museum building which provides second relic buffs to some old commanders like YSG, Charles Martel, and others. This list also takes the museum buff into consideration.

Open Field Tier List

Let’s start with the most popular Open Field commanders. These commanders excel at running around and killing enemies in large numbers. You can use them in murderball during ruins/alter fights, Ark Of Osiris(AOO), and crucial spot defending during KvKs.

What to look for in Open Field commanders?

  • High Skill Damage
  • March Speed
  • AOE Damage
  • Ability to stay longer on the field(Counter, DMG, buffs, and tankiness)
Commander NameRating for Openfield
Alexander NevskyS
Alexander the GreatB
Bertrand du GuesclinC
Bjorn IronsideC
Boudica PrimeS+
Cao Cao(CC)B
Chandragupta MauryaB
Charles MartelB
Cheok Jun-gyeong(CJ)B
Constantine IC
Cyrus the GreatA
Edward of WoodstockC
El CidC
Eulji MundeokD
Flavius AetiusC
Frederick IB
Genghis KhanB
Guan YuS
Hannibal BarcaC
Harald SigurdssonS
Henry VS
Honda TadakatsuA
Huo QubingS
Ishida MitsunariF
Jan ZizkaB
Joan of ArcB
Joan of Arc PrimeS
Julius CaesarB
Justinian I S
Kʼinich Janaabʼ PakalS
Kusunoki MasashigeC
Leonidas IA
Lu BuC
Margaret IB
Matilda of FlandersF
Mehmed IIA
Minamoto no YoshitsuneS
Moctezuma IC
Nebuchadnezzar IIS
Osman IC
Queen Tamar of GeorgiaD
Ragnar LodbrokB
Ramesses IIA
Richard IB
Sargon the GreatS
Scipio AfricanusD
Scipio Africanus primeS
Suleiman IC
Sun TuzB
Takeda ShingenB
Tariq ibn ZiyadS
Thutmose IIIB
William IS
Wu ZetianC
Xiang Yu(XY)S
Yi Seong-Gye(YSG)A
Yi Sun-sin(YSS)C
Zhuge LiangS+

Changes: Even with the arrival of new powerful cavalry commanders Huo Qubing and Justinian I, the Ranking for Openfield stays pretty much the same.

While Huo Qubing is a beast of open field for single target damage and has more damage skill damage compared to Zhuge Liang, He lacks AOE damage. So, for the moment Zhuge Liang still remains on the top of the list. However, as we see more reports from Hua Qubing, we may update the ranking with the next update.

Rally Tier List

Rallying flag, fortress, pass, and cities are a very crucial part of the game. It is best that only whales with the best commanders and top equipment launch the rally.

if you launch a rally with the wrong commanders then you and your allies will suffer a terrible loss of troops. That’s why this list doesn’t include epic commanders.

Commander NameStructure RallyCity RallyFort Rally
Alexander NevskyS+SS
Alexander the GreatCCB
Bertrand du GuesclinAAA
Boudica PrimeSSS
Cao Cao(CC)CCS
Chandragupta MauryaAAA
Charles MartelCCC
Cheok Jun-gyeong(CJ)BBA
Constantine IDDC
Cyrus the GreatAAA
Edward of WoodstockAAS
Flavius AetiusDDC
Frederick IDCA
Genghis KhanDDS
Guan YuAAS
Hannibal BarcaDCA
Harald SigurdssonAAA
Henry VS+SS
Honda TadakatsuCBS
Huo QubingSSS
Ishida MitsunariFFF
Jan ZizkaDDC
Joan of Arc PrimeSSS
Julius CaesarCBB
Justinian ISSS
Kʼinich Janaabʼ PakalSSA
Leonidas IBBB
Margaret IFFF
Mehmed IIBAA
Minamoto no YoshitsuneSBS+
Moctezuma IDCA
Nebuchadnezzar IIAAS
Ragnar LodbrokCDC
Ramesses IIABS
Richard IDDA
Sargon the GreatSSA
Scipio Africanus primeAAS
Suleiman IBAA
Takeda ShingenBSB
Tariq ibn ZiyadSS+S
Thutmose IIIDDB
William IAAS
Wu ZetianDDD
Xiang Yu(XY)SSS
Yi Seong-Gye(YSG)BBS
Yi Sun-sin(YSS)DDC
Zhuge LiangSSS

ROK – New Redeem Gift Codes List

Changes: The current garrison meta is Dido and Hera and previously Nevsky and Joan of Arc Prime didn’t do well against them. However new Cavs commander Huo Qubing and Justinian I, might be able to break through them.

At the moment, there aren’t enough reports to call them the absolute best. So, at the moment they remain in the S tier.

Garrison Tier List

There are two types of garrisons in rok, structure and city defense. This list includes both of them and just like the rally garrison tier list also won’t have epic commanders.

Commander NameGarrisonCity Defence
Alexander NevskyBC
Alexander the GreatCB
Bertrand du GuesclinDD
Boudica PrimeCC
Cao Cao(CC)DF
Chandragupta MauryaDD
Charles MartelAA
Cheok Jun-gyeong(CJ)CC
Constantine IBB
Cyrus the GreatBC
Edward of WoodstockDD
El CidDD
Flavius AetiusSS
Frederick ICC
Genghis KhanDD
Guan YuBB
Hannibal BarcaDD
Harald SigurdssonBC
Henry VCC
Honda TadakatsuCC
Huo QubingBB
Ishida MitsunariFF
Jan ZizkaSS
Joan of Arc PrimeBB
Julius CaesarCC
Justinian IBC
Kʼinich Janaabʼ PakalBC
Leonidas ICB
Margaret IFF
Mehmed IICC
Minamoto no YoshitsuneDD
Moctezuma IFF
Nebuchadnezzar IIBB
Ragnar LodbrokCD
Ramesses IIDD
Richard IBB
Sargon the GreatBB
Scipio Africanus primeAA
Suleiman IDD
Takeda ShingenAB
Tariq ibn ZiyadBB
Thutmose IIIDD
William IDD
Wu ZetianBB
Xiang Yu(XY)DC
Yi Seong-Gye(YSG)AS
Yi Sun-sin(YSS)SS
Zhuge Liang SA

We have a new Archer Garrison commander Dido and she is absolutely insane right now, destroying every rally, which makes her garrisoning meta. Jan Zizka on the other hand is getting destroyed by the Archer rally, resulting in a rating drop for the garrison.

Best commanders for sunset and lost canyons

Now, this might not be a popular part of the game because rewards in Sunset Canyon and Lost Canyon aren’t that good unless you are in the top ranking. However, if you play that particular game mode then this is the commander tier list for canyons.

Commander NameRating for Canyons
Alexander NevskyS
Alexander the GreatA
Baibars C
Bertrand du GuesclinB
Bjorn IronsideC
Boudica PrimeS
Cao Cao(CC)B
Chandragupta MauryaB
Charles MartelS
Cheok Jun-gyeong(CJ)A
Constantine IS+
Cyrus the GreatA
Edward of WoodstockC
El CidC
Eulji MundeokC
Flavius AetiusC
Frederick IC
Genghis KhanC
Guan YuS
Hannibal BarcaC
Harald SigurdssonA
Henry VS
Honda TadakatsuS
Huo QubingS
Ishida MitsunariF
Jan ZizkaB
Joan of ArcS
Joan of Arc PrimeS
Julius CaesarB
Justinian IA
Kʼinich Janaabʼ PakalA
Kusunoki MasashigeC
Leonidas IA
Lu BuC
Margaret IF
Matilda of FlandersF
Mehmed IIS
Minamoto no YoshitsuneA
Moctezuma IF
Nebuchadnezzar IIS
Osman IC
Queen Tamar of GeorgiaF
Ragnar LodbrokB
Ramesses IIB
Richard IS
Sargon the GreatS
Scipio AfricanusC
Scipio Africanus primeS
Suleiman IC
Sun TuzB
Takeda ShingenB
Tariq ibn ZiyadS
Thutmose IIIC
William IS
Wu ZetianC
Xiang Yu(XY)S
Yi Seong-Gye(YSG)S
Yi Sun-sin(YSS)B
Zhuge LiangS

Overall best commanders in Rise of Kingdoms for F2P

Dido is a great garrison captain, however, She wouldn’t be that useful in other situations like an Open field, Canyons, Ceroli bosses, fort rally, etc. So, if you are a F2P or low spender then you probably won’t get much value out of her.

As an F2P player, you want to get the most out of your single legendary commander because you might not be able to max out multiple legendary commanders. There are some commanders who can give you good results in multiple situations. Below there is a list of commanders that you should consider maxing out before any other commanders.

Zhuge Liang – Best archer commander After SoC

Rise of kingdoms zhuge liang

If you are currently in Season of Conquest and wondering which commander is the best and you should upgrade first, Zhuge Liang is the answer for you.

Currently, He is the best open field commander and defeats every other open field commander including cavalry. While New Huo might defeat him in a 1v1 situation, he will still give you more value during massive field fights with AoE damage.

Scipio Africanus Prime (Legendary Scipio) – Best Infantry commander After SoC

rise of kingdoms Legendary Scipio africanus prime

For some reason, Lilith doesn’t like infantry very much, that’s why most infantry commander is defeated by cavalry. However, Scipio Prime is an exception, He is great against the Cavs in open-field scenarios.

Legendary Scipio offers everything that you need for open field fights, High skill damage, AoE damage, shield, tankiness, and march speed. if you are an infantry main player then Scipio Prime is your best option.

Joan of Arc Prime – Best cavalry commander After SoC

Joan of arc prime rise of kingdoms

Cavalry is the best troop type for F2P players. why? Because as a F2P player, you won’t be doing rallying and garrison. So, your main job is the open-field fight. And for open field fights cavalry commanders have been best since the beginning of the rise of kingdoms.

As a Cavalry commander, Joan of Arc has everything you need to do well in the Open field. She has mobility, debuffs, buffs, heavy skill damage, and AOE damage. Joan won’t only do lots of damage for yourself but also support your ally heavily.

Yi Seong-Gye (YSG) – Best archer commander Before SoC

Yi Seong-gye commander

YSG should be the first legendary commander to max out for any ROK player. He is good from day one to all the way to SoC(season of conquest).

There are multiple pairing options for him and he can be used in almost every single situation. After the release of new commanders like Boudica Prime and Zhuge Liang, his value falls off a bit, but he still has 5 marches AOE damage in a circular area, which is quite powerful.

Charles Martel – Best Infantry commander Before SoC

charles martel rise of kingdoms

Martel is a really strong infantry commander. He is a great garrison and open-field fighter during KvK 1/2/3. In the SoC, Charles loses some value because of the availability of better commanders but he still gives good results.

Yes, it will be a long time before you can max him using gold keys, but if you are patient enough to wait then you can probably get him for free. Now he is even stronger with the second relic buff that difference between the new commander and him is almost gone.

Saladin – Best Cavalry Commander Before SoC

saladin rise of kingdoms commander

As mentioned before, cavalry is the best troop type for F2P and low-spenders. Saladin is an exceptional commander. He is just as good in SoC as he is in KvK 2/3.

Earlier he can be paired with YSG and Aethelflaed and later with Nevsky, Xiang Yu, and other powerful cavalry commanders. Saladin can do a lot of skill damage while providing some help for ally with his debuffs.

He is really old commander now and can be obtained from MGE, So if you are patient enough you might get his sculptures for free.

Aethelflaed – Great Debuffer at any point of the game

aethelflaed commander

Aethelflaed pairs really nicely with YSG during the early game and with mighty commanders like Trajan during SoC. You can get her for free from the Sunset Canyons shop.

She is a strong debuffer and you will be helping out your allies a lot by using her. The second relic boost and formation method further boosts her damage output and debuff capabilities.

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