Best Android games to play on your mobile

Are you looking for some best Android games to play on your mobile device? you are at the right place because here we have a full list of the most entertaining Android games.

We have picked out the best game from every category including action, adventure, racing, RPG, and more. For those who want to save their mobile data bill, we have also included offline Android games. so let’s dive in.

1.PUBG MOBILE – Best Action Android Game

Action android game pubg mobile
PUBG mobile (Source: Tencent)

First, up in the action category, we have the best Battle Royale game PUBG mobile by Tencent games. It’s a f2p multiplayer action game for smartphones.

With stunning looking HD graphics and amazing 3D audio, pubg mobile will give you a Console-like experience right into your hands. devs have managed to make Weapons and control systems look very smooth for mobile devices.

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Pubg mobile features huge battle maps and different kinds of play modes like classic Battle Royale, 4v4 deathmatch, Zombie mode, and more. Tencent Games is always adding something new to the game which will make you keep coming back for more.

Pubg mobile was also a winner of the 2018 mobile game of the year. It also has a Golden joystick best game award in the bag.

2.Roblox – Best Adventure Game

adventure android game roblox
Roblox (Source: Roblox Corporation)

Ever thought about creating your own world? Roblox allows you to do just that, create your own unique universe. It’s not just limited to your own creation you can also go exploring the worlds of millions of other players.

What’s a better adventure than exploring a new and different world every single day along with your friends. the game has always something new and exciting for you in the bag.

the best part about Roblox is cross-platform support. Roblox is available on Xbox One, Android, PC, and IOS. You can also enjoy this game with a VR headset.

3.Asphalt 9: legends – Best Racing Android Game

best racing game on play store asphalt 9

Do you love fast sports cars? well, then this game is for you. Asphalt 9: Legends is an amazing street racing game available on the play store.

Asphalt 9 Has all the top levels of cars from the world’s biggest company Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and more. No madam what’s your dream car, this game has it.

Controls in this game are very smooth. they have what they call a touch drive system in the game. Using that function you don’t have to worry about acceleration, brake, or steering. you can easily focus on high-flying stunts.

with stunning-looking graphics, highly detailed cars, awesome-looking effects, and perfect soundtracks, Asphalt 9 is undoubtedly the number one racing game for Android.

4.Marvel Future Fight – Best in RPG

RPG android game marvel future fight

It’s everyone’s fantasy to become one of Marvel’s superheroes. Now you can be with Marvel’s Action RPG game, Marvel’s future fight.

In this game, you will be saving the universe using your favorite characters from Marvel. it has over 200 heroes and superheroes from MCU. You can recruit new heroes, complete various missions and you can challenge other players around the world.

You can also form your own teams like Avengers or X-Men. It will give you extra buff effects. they always keep adding original new marvel stories in the game. it means you will never get bored playing the Future Fight.

Overall this is the best RPG game for Marvel fans just in the comfort of their palm.

5.Soul Knight – best offline game

offline mobile game soul knight
Soul Knight (source: bluestack)

Sometimes when traveling, you don’t have a good network connection to play online games. Soul Knight solves that problem. it’s an action-filled, Dungeon exploring adventure game.

It has over 270 different weapons and a bunch of heroes to play with. You will be smashing down the army of monsters while enjoying some of the best retro music.

The dungeons and loot are always randomized in Soul Knight to prevent you from getting bored. the game also has an auto-aim feature for lazy players. Soul Knight is a perfect offline game to pass some extra time.

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