How Apex Legends Ranking System works

The ranked gameplay system was first introduced during season 2 of Apex Legends. It allows you to play in competitive nature and opens up the ability to play as a professional Apex Legends player. However, before you get into Ranked matches, you need to under how exactly it works. So, here is the full guide on how Ranking System works in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Ranked System

Apex Ranking System

The overall gameplay in ranked matches is the same as in normal matches. You can either pair in trios with other two random players or a pre-made team of three players, or you can also play as a solo player in case you don’t believe in having allies.

Just like in normal game mode, in the ranked mode you try to eliminate enemies and survive attacks from other players in order to become Champion. However here you get Ranked Points AKA RP for killing enemies, assisting your allies and surviving for a longer time than other squads. These RP points will decide which rank tier you are currently at in Apex Legends.

There is a total of 8 different ranked tiers in Apex Legends: Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Apex Predator.

From rookie to Diamond tier, there are also four divisions. For example Platinum I, Platinum II, Platinum III and Platinum IV. The Master tier doesn’t have any divisions and Apex predator is a special tier, only the top 750 players can be part of it.

In order to advance to the next ranked tier, you need a certain amount of RP. Below you can check the minimum RP requirements for different ranks.

RankMinimum RP Requirements
Rookie I0
Rookie II250
Rookie III500
Rookie IV750
Bronze I1000
Bronze II1500
Bronze III2000
Bronze IV2500
Silver I3000
Silver II3600
Silver III4200
Silver IV4800
Gold I5400
Gold II6100
Gold III6800
Gold IV7500
Platinum I8200
Platinum II9000
Platinum III9800
Platinum IV10,600
Diamond I11,400
Diamond II12,300
Diamond II13,200
Diamond IV14,100
Apex Predator Top 750 Players

If you are not part of the pre-made party then you will simply just matched with players from the same rank. However, if you are part of the party then the highest rank of party member will be used for matchmaking. For example, if your party have two silver players and one Gold player, then you might be matched against gold players.

For platinum and up pre-made teams can only have one rank tier difference. So if you are a platinum-rank player then your party can only have Gold or diamond-rank players

How to Earn RP in Apex Legends?

Apex Season 16 Revelry RP for Ranked

First, you need to understand that you need to pay a certain RP as an entry fee to enter the ranked match. This RP entry cost varies for different rank tiers, and it’s deducted from your total RP when you enter the ranked match. Below you can check RP Entry costs for different ranks.

RankRP Entry Cost per Match
Rookie I0
Rookie II0
Rookie III0
Rookie IV0
Bronze I10
Bronze II13
Bronze III16
Bronze IV19
Silver I22
Silver II25
Silver III28
Silver IV31
Gold I34
Gold II37
Gold III40
Gold IV43
Platinum I46
Platinum II49
Platinum III52
Platinum IV55
Diamond I58
Diamond II61
Diamond II64
Diamond IV67
Apex Predator 70(+5 per 1000 RP, Capped at 175)

So, how exactly do you earn RP in ranked matches? There are two factors that affect your total earned RP in a single match. First, one is total kills/assists and the second one is your squad’s placement at the end of the match.

If you damage an enemy and your teammate knows down that enemy within 15 seconds that it will count as an assist, of course, given that knocked down enemy also gets eliminated completely. Crypto can also receive assists for scanning enemies with his drone. Below you can see how much RP you can earn per Kill and assist based on your placement in the match


Based on the table above, if your squad finish at rank 3 and you get 1 kill and 2 assists then your total RP will be 130. You will receive 70 RP for the placement itself and 20×3 RP for your kills and assists.

One more thing that you need to understand is placement is based on the last remaining player on the squad. Let’s say you get eliminated when there are 12 squads remaining, however, if one of your teammates survives up to 4th rank, then your RP will be counted based on 4th placement. You have to stay as an observer in the match in order to receive this reward. If you quit the match when there were 12 in the squad remaining then your placement will be counted as 13th place and you will receive RP based on that ranking.

Lastly there is also tier differences RP modifier. What does that mean? Well, when kill player from same tier, you receive standard RP. However, when you kill player who is in higher tier then you will receive bonus RP. Same thing happens when you kill lower tier player, you will receive slightly less RP. You can check table below to find out how tier differences effects the RP.

Tier Difference Kill/Assist RP Modifier

Can you lose RP-ranked matches?

Yes, of course, if you don’t perform well in ranked matches then your RP can also go in minus. For example, if you join a match as a Gold I player then your team gets placed at 10th rank and you have one kill. The entry fee for gold I is 34 RP and based on the placement and kills you will receive only 20 RP. So for that match, you will end up with -14 RP.


Ranked matches in Apex Legends require teamwork and commitment, that’s why there are also penalties for the player who abandons matches early.

If you leave the game during character selection while being alive in the match or when your team still have a chance to revive then you will be slapped with a penalty. As punishment, you will be locked out of the matchmaking queue for 10 minutes. The penalty time increases with each repetitive abandonment.

One last thing is that you can safely leave the game if your banner has timed out or your allies haven’t respawned you within 150 seconds.

Loss forgiveness

In certain situations you will be granted loss forgiveness, which will granted RP to balance out negative RP and your total RP for the match will turn to 0. These loss forgiveness is provided for following situations

  • When player abandons match(only works when you are not part of pre-made party)
  • At the drop sequence you don’t have full squad of 3 players.
  • When player unexpectedly quits the game, Internet disconnects, game crashes and such events. However it only gives one loss forgiveness in 24 hours and total of 3 during single season, after that penalty will occur.


Apex Legend Rank Rewards

Ranked matches requires lots of hard work and skills so it’s awards you with some nice reward at the end of the season. The reward changes for different ranks. You will get following rewards based on your rank.

  • Rookie: Nothing
  • Bronze: Badge, Holospray
  • Silver: Badge, Holospray
  • Gold: Badge, Holospray, Weapon Cosmetic
  • Platinum: Badge, Holospray, Weapon Cosmetic
  • Diamond: Badge, Holospray, Weapon Cosmetic, Season- Long Dive Trail
  • Master: Badge, Holospray, Weapon Cosmetic, Season- Long Dive Trail
  • Apex Predator: Badge, Holospray, Weapon Cosmetic, Season- Long Dive Trail

The badge that you received isn’t same for everyone. The colour and design of the badge is based on rank that you finish the season with. Same thing with Long Dive trail design, Predator player’s trail will look different than diamond player’s trail.

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How to quickly rank up in Apex Legends?

This question comes to everyone’s beginners mind that what is the fastest way to rank up in Apex Legends? As new player should you go for more kills or longer survival for more RP. While there is no particular method that’s better than other, surviving for longer periods will definitely favour you in the as beggginer player

The best way to gain RP is you try to go for kills early game when you have full squad. However if you lose a team mate or two then go for longer survival by avoiding fight. That way you might avoid getting negative RP and you can try again in next match.

What is considered good Rank in Apex Legends?

If you wondering which is the rank that earns you respect of the other player in the Apex Legends, then here is your answer. Getting in to the gold rank is easy and doesn’t take much effort. Platinum rank is bit more challenging but still not absolute best. The real deal begins when you get in diamond, that’s when you start matching up against some of the best players in the game. So if you manage to get in the Diamond rank then you have some serious Competitive gaming skills and you might some day end up going to Apex Predator.

Why do you keep losing Apex Predator rank?

Unlike all the other rank, Apex Predator doesn’t unlock by reaching certain RP limit. There can be only Top 750 player in Predator rank at the time. So let’s say you are amongst top 700 and have Predator, but 60 other players pushes harder than you and gains. Since you are no longer part of top 750 players, you will be back in master rank.

What is Ranked Split and how it works?

Ranked season is divided in two parts aka splits. At the start of season you play on single map. However at the half time of season map changes and your current rank also reset partially. When second split starts, your current rank will drop by 1.5 tier. This system is created to eliminate inactive player from the game and give a chance to newcomers.

Why can’t I join party in Apex Legends?

In order to prevent rank boosting and keeping game fair for everyone, Platinum and above player can only join party of the players who is one tier above and below.

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