Best Video Sharing Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones

TikTok gained so much fame in a very little amount of time as a short video-sharing app. It started a completely new trend on the internet. Both creators and viewers are loving the idea of short entertaining videos. The contents are very easy to create and take about only 15-30 seconds to watch.

Following the trend, big companies like Facebook and Google also started providing short video sharing platforms on Instagram and YouTube. And after TikTok got banned in India for privacy violation even more content-sharing apps came to the market. Here we have made a list of all the best the Video sharing Apps that you can use on your android or iOS Smartphones.


sharechat app

Share chat is an Indian-made social media platform, which allows users to create and share videos on their app. It became quite popular in India for content like Whatsapp status, PUBG videos, and food videos. Sharechat video is a good replacement for the TikTok video. The app supports 15 different languages including Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, and many more. Aside from videos they also allow you to share status, Gifs, audio songs, and meme posts.

Share chat download – Android | iOS


moj video making app

Moj is also created by Sharechat developers. But instead of giving a full social media experience this app only focuses on short videos. You can watch dance comedy, vlogs, and tons of other videos on the moj. Moj also allows you to create and share your own videos. It provides tons of special effects, stickers, and filters for content creation.

Moj download – Android | iOS

YouTube Shorts

youtube story shorts

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform on the planet. Now they also have YouTube Shorts(yt shorts) feature which allows you to share short-duration videos in a form of a story. You can access YouTube Shorts videos right from the YouTube app and don’t need any separate apps.

YouTube download – Android | iOS

Instagram reels


Instagram has also taken the same approach as YouTube and created a section for Instagram reels inside the App. They already had stories to share 15-second videos and IG TV for longer videos. The main reason behind Instagram reels was to create an alternative for TikTok to take the short video sharing trend to the next level. Instagram Reels quickly became very popular among Instagram content creators as well as normal users.

Aside from Instagram reels Facebook also had a Lasso video-sharing app. However, it was shut down on 10, July 2020.

Instagram download – Android | iOS

MX TakaTak

tiktok alternative- mx taka tak

MX media is popular for their MX player. When Chinese apps were banned in India, they instantly saw an opportunity to create a replacement for TikTok, and MX Taka Tak was born. It has a very similar user interface to TikTok and provides all the tools to create short music videos, funny dialogue dubbings, lip sync videos, and many more. Because of the right timing for the launch, MX Taka Tak also ended up being very popular.

MX TakaTak download – Android | iOS


josh video sharing app

Josh is currently the most trending social media app in the Google play store. It’s basically just another video-sharing app. You can watch, create and share a dance, music, prank, and other videos on Josh. They also run daily challenges with hashtags, the winner gets rewarded with prizes and followers.

Josh app download – Android | iOS


roposo video app

At the moment, roposo might not be as famous as the others on the list. But there was a time when this app caught everyone’s attention. Roposo has over 100 million downloads, which means plenty of users to watch your videos if you are a content creator. Because of the data saving feature, it’s also great for viewers.

Roposo app download – Android | iOS



We can’t leave the original king of video-sharing apps out of this list. Yes, it’s banned in India but still available in other countries. With over 2billion downloads and 689 million monthly active users, it’s the most popular video-sharing app ever. Some of the most popular movie celebrities and sports stars also share their videos on this app. However there have been multiple reports of privacy and data theft against TikTok, so we don’t really recommend it.

There are so many options available when it comes to video-sharing apps. out of those we just like these particular ones. if you have any other good app for creating and viewing short videos, let us know.

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