Red Dead Redemption 2: Secret Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Red Dead Redemption 2 already has an in-game help section full of tips and tricks but there’s a lot in the game you still need to know. we have spent hours playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and we have found these tips & tricks along the way. some of these you may already know, some possibly not so let’s go find out.

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1.Enjoy the Full Story with Side Missions

I know you just wanna rob stores and hijack wagons but trust me it’s really worth paying attention to the story and that includes the many side missions with your fellow gang members. some of the best moments in this game are totally optional observed conversations in camp. which ultimately informed the larger story moments you’ll come across in the main narrative through lies. the side quests associated with fellow gang members are almost always fun and interesting and don’t outstay their welcome. while the stranger missions that are identifiable with white markers on the map usually introduce you to some of the most colorful and hilarious characters in the game. these white markers side missions can expire if you advance the yellow marker main missions too far so look out for that.

2.Look Out For Smoke Trails In Sky

if you’re ready for a skilled task or ready for a fight both of which should get you a good amount of cash. keep your eye out for rising smoke trails in the sky for that.out in the wilderness these trails tend to be indicators of points of interest.heading to the source should help you stumble on travelers offering up tips, strangers who need help or just rivals looking forward to put a hole in your skull.

3.Check Out Your Weight Class

check out your character sheet in the player submenu to see what weight class you fall into.whether Arthur Morgan is underweight average or overweight, there are buffs and debuffs associated with both extremes. A larger Arthur can absorb more damage while a slim Arthur can maintain stamina for longer.weight will increase with more sedentary actions and eating more snacks and lessons with exercise.yep just like real life.

4.High Rewards, High Risk

if your inventory is getting clogged with wedding rings pilfered off the corpses of people who tried to cross’re going to need a fence.these shady merchants can be found in locations including Rhodes, Emerald Ranch, and saint denis.fences also sells support items throwable weapons and recipes. they can also craft rare talismans and trinkets.there are also fencers who pay cash for stolen horses and wagons. A certain side mission will enable the post office worker in Rhodes to give out tips on which wagons are worth robbing

5.Do a Barrel Roll During Combat

During combat tap square on ps4 or X on Xbox one while aiming to roll out of the way of enemies fire.this cames super handy during the fights.

6.Calm the Horse Before Riding it

Red Dead Redemption 2 may give you GTA vibes but it’s important to note that hijacking a horse is way harder than hijacking a car.horses don’t take kindly to someone other than their owner hopping on or rifling through their make sure you calm horses before touching them or expect a very hard kick to the gizzards 

7.Customize Your Weapon

sure you can shoot up dudes with any old gun but if your Arthur is a stylish kind of guy you might want to customize your weaponry. At a gunsmith, you can alter the metals, the paint, the varnish, the woodwork, and engravings.if you’re more practical altering things like the barrels and sights can actually improve the stats of the gun. while wrapping will help reduce’s only a handful of dollars for each modification so if you have a favorite piece go for it.double tapping your holster makes Arthur’s spin the gun before he puts it away and that makes you look pretty cool.

8.Replay Your Old Missions

To be honest there’s nothing worse than finishing a mission checking your results screen and seeing that crummy bronze medal and all the objectives you missed.luckily you can replay missions at any point. so if you want to relive a cool moment or go for gold you can totally do that in Red Dead Redemption 2

9.Hunting Animals

with 178 animals to keep an eye out for hunting may seem a little intimidating. but there are ways to make sure you aren’t wasting your time. wildlife is divided into three groups poor, good and perfect. if you need perfect Longhorn skin for one of your camp upgrade, make sure you study the animal at a distance first. check its quality and take note of the clues of how best to hunt it.if you do take out a legendary animal the materials and rare items will be automatically transferred to fences and trappers.aiming for vital areas with a bow will get you a clean kill and a nice much less ruined skin than if you run over it with your horse.

10.Get More Immersion with Game Environment

if you want to dig completely into the Wild West wilderness you may like to turn off that annoying HUD.if you do go ahead with that just make sure you listen to the instructions NPCs give you when you’re being asked to direct them places. otherwise, you’ll get very lost very’ll also need to note where gunshots are coming from as you won’t be able to see enemy indicators without the HUD on.

11.Use Your Lasso

How to take down the big targets with ease? basically shooting is hard but lassoing is way easier. you can quickly hog-tie people by running up to them with the lasso equipped and pressing r2 to end fights instantly. so long as the animal is not too big and not too little you can just lasso it and chop it with your dagger for a nice clean kill. by the way, don’t try this on an alligator it won’t work and you’ll get so scared you have to take off your headphones while watching Arthur get death roll.

12.Become Good Guy or Bad Guy

Wild West GTA unsurprisingly lets you turn arthur into a good guy or a real bad guy. As a nice guy you’ll get sweet store discounts and right cheerier diary entries around all your cute a meanie killcams get more violent,responses to nbc’s are more snide and your journal is a more bitchy.if you want to get a good guy points you can wander around town saying howdy to everybody and turning down rewards.if you want to be bad well I’m sure youcan figure that one out.

13.Take Back Your Loot

if you’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for more than 5 minutes you’ve probably noticed that falling off your horse is a wildly common occurrence. aside from the embarrassment if you were stirring game or heights on your horse just be sure to pick them up off the ground before taking off they will have fallen during your untimely tumble.

14.Fishing Time

if you want to fish to the best of your ability make sure you’re using the correct bait and lures for the location you are in. also be sure of that your technique is correct and that you’re fishing at the right time of day.just like in real life early morning and afternoon tend to produce the best fishy results. fishing during a rainstorm also increases the activity of aquatic animals.

if there are any great Red Dead Redemption 2 tips you’ve uncovered that we missed out.let us know in that comment below.

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