4 Incredible Tips to Help You Get High Score When Playing Block Puzzle Game Online

When it comes to keeping ourselves entertained while staying indoors, playing block puzzle games is one of the options. It is needless to say that they are fun and one of the leading names in the gaming industry. Most people love playing the game as it is handy and easy to understand.

The best part is that you have access to the games on the mobile applications, and you can play them anytime and anywhere. You can now play them on handheld devices such as smartphones. The thumb rule of block puzzle games is that you have to score as much as possible. You will understand how thrilling the games are once you download the block puzzle.

This blog will give you a few tips to help you score high while playing block puzzle games. To know more, kindly read the rest of this blog.

1. Work your way from the corners: One of the first things that you should do is work your way from the corners. You should not end the game in a hurry. Strategize every move so that you stay longer in the game. Start placing the blocks from the corners, and by working your way from the corners, you will have a longer time to stay. You will get more vertical and horizontal options on the moves.

Apart from that, you can fit the blocks strategically to not leave empty cells in between. It will enable you to stay in the game for a more extended amount of time.

2. Focus on vertical or horizontal lines: The whole concept of a block game is not just to fit blocks but also to form vertical and horizontal lines. Your aim should be clearing vertical and horizontal lines on the game. Once you clear the lines, you start earning more points. If you have further doubts, try your hand at a round of the game, and you will know!

3. Try clearing various columns and rows: Now that you know that clearing lines can help you earn extra points, you must also know that you can earn bonus points by eradicating multiple columns and rows simultaneously. Please pay attention to the placement of the blocks as you concentrate on clearing the vertical and horizontal lines. It will help you multiple clear lines quickly instead of just single lines, and this will ultimately help you fetch a higher score.

4. Strategize every step: Another tip to help you get a higher score is by strategizing how to place the blocks. You cannot just dump them on the grid, and you have to be conscious and choose from the given blocks and correctly put them so that you don’t have blank cells.

There are multiple ways to strategize the game and win the same. If you are careless about placing the blocks on the grid because you are scared of time running out, trust us, you are making the wrong move. Pay attention to setting the blocks while being quick. This is the reason why we suggest our readers practice as much as possible. The more often you play, the faster you get at the game.

Some additional tips

Practice, practice, and practice: Always remember that practice makes perfect. If you practice regularly, you will get better at the game, and it will help you hone your strategy without trying too hard. Learn from your mistakes and read as many blogs as possible. Also, go through tips from experts. And you will be fetching excellent scores soon.

Save space for the 5 * 5 square: Make sure that space is available on the board to fit the 5 * 5 square. Also, do not be afraid to brace various pieces on the board, as mentioned before. Puzzle games are incredibly addictive, and they can be played on Android devices as well as iOS. Since we all maintain social distancing and stay at home, we advise you to play block puzzle games often because they will help you flex your brain muscles.

If you want to train your brain and develop your mental skills, block puzzles games are the best. All you need to do is download them from a specific mobile application and start playing them. While playing the game, keep in mind that the game might get complicated quickly. In that case, you should be patient and not give up.

Try to work around the edges and avoid the middle part. One of the most challenging parts of the game is that you will not get notified if you run out of moves. However, you can start a new game from scratch. Try to take advantage of the powerups as much as you can to score higher.

So these are a few things you need to keep in mind while playing block puzzle games online. As we all know, the pandemic situation has helped the gaming manufacturers earn a sweet spot. To learn more about the same, kindly read this Forbes article.

These games are a great way to stay active and keep our brains working. If you haven’t tried yet, now is the time to try as you already know the rules! You can ace the game if you follow the rules religiously.

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