Microsoft is rewarding players with 10$ for Xbox Spring Sale

Xbox has started their spring sale, giving huge discount on major titles like DOOM Eternal, Gears 5, FIFA 21, and lots more. They are also giving 10$ gift card reward to Xbox Live subscribers.

The gift is sent out to trough email, you can claim it there and use it on the sale or other items in store. It’s was sent out on 2, April and will be available to redeem till the end of April.

Some people have been saying that they haven’t received gift card. So there is chance that it might be for selected people. However you should go and check your inbox if you are using Xbox Live. Additionally also make sure that you have allowed Xbox to send you promotion mails.

Xbox Spring Sale will be available till 15, April. There is total 729 video games in the sale, some of them are bundles and special editions. Xbox might also add some more peripherals like headset and controller in the spring sale.

Company’s main rival, Sony PlayStation Store also has ongoing spring Sale. PlayStation Spring Sale started on 31, March and will be running till 28, April.

It includes total 762 deals on video games for PS5 and PS4. And, features some great games like Ghost of Tsushima, GTA V and more. Sony also said that more deals will be added to the sale very soon.

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