Samsung and Xiaomi are working on Ultra-Wideband(UWB) technology

Ultra-Wideband or UWB is short-ranged wireless technology. It has recently started showing up in high-end smartphones. Samsung galaxy note 20 Ultra was the first android smartphone to have it.

So, what exactly is Ultra-Wideband, and what it does? It’s wireless communication technology just like WiFi and Bluetooth. UWB has a very wide spectrum, which helps with fast transmission.

Ultra-Wideband can help you locate objects inside your home, for example, a car key. It’s faster compared to Bluetooth and also more accurate.

UWB is a very versatile technology and has many uses. It can be used for high-speed file transfers, remote payment, indoor navigation (For example airports and museums), Smart locks, and many others.

Samsung recently did a press release regarding this technology. They said they are very committed to Develop UWB further and they will come with more ideas to uses this technology in near future.

Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi is also very interested in this technology. They have also announced their version of UWB on Weibo. Using their custom algorithm they are trying to achieve higher positioning accuracy on the Mi 10 series smartphones.

Xiaomi also introduced two new functionality, “one finger control” and “one finger delivery.

One Finger Control function you can simply point your smartphone at UWB ready device and you can control it with your phone. Using One Finger Delivery, once again you can just point your smartphone to the TV, laptops, and other smart devices, and it sents your current screen on that particular device.

This is just the beginning of the UWB technology. With two tech companies like Samsung and Xiaomi Being committed to it, we will be seeing more and more usage of UWB in our daily life.

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