New Tesla Model S 2021 can run Witcher 3 just like a console.

The original console war was between Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. Then KFC came up with its own unique console which comes with a chicken fried. Now Tesla has something very brilliant, A inbuilt gaming console inside the car.

The new Tesla Model S 2021 has improved interior design. As a part of a new design now you can play video games on display. You can have wireless controllers just like consoles.

When we say gaming on the wheel doesn’t mean some low-demanding video games. It’s powerful enough to play Witcher 3 and cyberpunk 2077. According to the Tesla website, it has 10 teraflops worth of power which is similar to the PS5 and Xbox series X.

Elon Musk himself tweeted a picture of the Tesla Model S 2021 running Witcher 3. He also added that it can play cyberpunk 2077.

new Tesla model s

The Model has 17- an inch display with a 2200×1300 pixels resolution. The display can be tilted sideways to find the perfect angle. There are also some unknown improvements to the operating system.

There are no details about what kind of hardware display is running, but if it can play Witcher 3 then it can handle pretty much everything. Now, this couldn’t directly compete with consoles that just cost under 400$. However new Tesla owners surely wouldn’t mind this luxury.

Additionally, the new Model S comes with a 960-watt audio system and active noise cancellation. There is also multi-device Bluetooth and wireless connectivity along with USB-C fast charge on all seats.

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