New OnePlus SmartWatch Could launch soon

Apple watch series and Samsung galaxy watches are the first ones to come in mind when we talk about the Smartwatch. OnePlus, has emerged as a great rival smartphone company to apple and Samsung. Now they are planning on taking the competition on the next level by launching a new “OnePlus SmartWatch”.

This isn’t the first time we heard about the Oneplus Smartwatch. News about This smartwatch was around for about a year now. But this time it’s real because 91Mobiles has spotted Smartwatch registration with model number W301GB on the IMDA website. They must be working on a new smartwatch right now.

Recently, OnePlus has also launched new wireless earbuds to take on Apple Airpods. They were launched along with a new budget smartphone, OnePlus Nord. The company clearly wants to expand its territory.

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Apple is also launching watch series 6 along with iPhone 12 this September. Apple has already perfected their smartwatch game. Samsung isn’t far behind in that department, the recently launched galaxy watch 3 is very impressive. This means the OnePlus smartwatch will have very tough competition right at the begging.

Currently, we don’t have any information about the design, specs, or release date of the OnePlus SmartWatch. However some experts say, its would look like Oppo Watch. It’s actually possible since Oppo and OnePlus both are sub-company of BBK Electronics. We will keep updated as soon as we find out more about the OnePlus SmartWatch.

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