asus rog matrix vs msi lightning z vs evga kingpin - rtx 2080ti comparison

Best RTX 2080ti: Asus ROG Matrix VS MSI Lightning Z VS EVGA Kingpin

Ghost Recon Wildlands

1920 x 10802560 x 14403840 x 2160
Asus ROG Matrix 99 fps81 fps52 fps
MSI Lightning Z94 fps77 fps50 fps
EVGA Kingpin93 fps76 fps49 fps


1920 x 10802560 x 14403840 x 2160
Asus ROG Matrix 187 fps187 fps117 fps
MSI Lightning Z187 fps187 fps114 fps
EVGA Kingpin187 fps187 fps109 fps

Monster Hunter World

1920 x 10802560 x 14403840 x 2160
Asus ROG Matrix 162 fps102 fps49 fps
MSI Lightning Z160 fps102 fps49 fps
EVGA Kingpin153 fps95 fps45 fps

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

1920 x 10802560 x 14403840 x 2160
Asus ROG Matrix 205 fps142 fps75 fps
MSI Lightning Z193 fps134 fps72 fps
EVGA Kingpin192 fps131 fps72 fps

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

1920 x 10802560 x 14403840 x 2160
Asus ROG Matrix 194 fps150 fps91 fps
MSI Lightning Z193 fps150 fps91 fps
EVGA Kingpin186 fps142 fps85 fps

Asus Matrix 2080 ti better in every single game, of course, that higher boost clock is showing a difference here. however fps gain isn’t that high, in fact in games like GTA V and Far Cry 5 it’s almost the same. on the other hand in the shadow of the tomb raider, it shows quite impressive fps gain.

Power Consumption

RTX 2080 ti’s expensiveness continues even after purchase as it consumes lots of power. so unless you want huge electricity, it’s better to choose power efficient GPU.

Asus ROG matrix consumes 15W at the ideal stat and goes all the way to 336W when under heavy load. EVGA Kingpin also stays at 15W at ideal and goes a little higher than matrix while gaming, 342W. MSI Lightning Z is the most power-hungry of them all. It stays 19W at ideal and whooping 361W while doing high-end gaming.

Asus once again comes on top with the most power-efficient RTX 2080ti.


EVGA Kingpin runs at 42C on ideal and 62C when under load. MSI lightning Z can get a little warmer when gaming, 40C at ideal and 72C under load. Asus Matrix stays a little cooler in a normal situation, 31C on ideal and 66C under load.


last but not least, the price difference between these three GPUs. EVGA Kingpin is priced at 1900$. Asus ROG Matrix is also priced at 1900$. MSI Lightning Z is the cheapest option at 1600$. however, the availability of these GPUs is very limited. currently, only EVGA kingpin RTX 2080ti is available on Amazon.


Asus ROG matrix is the champion, it has ultimate performance in games while being more power-efficient than the other two. MSI Lighting Z comes second because it cost 300$ less and delivers almost the same performance. with a higher price tag and slightly lower performance, EVGA kingpin is the least favorite here. however, if you are looking forward to Overclocking capabilities, it’s best among all three.

RTX 2080 ti is the most expensive gaming graphics card. here we have compared three different RTX 2080ti – Asus ROG matrix, MSI Lightning Z, and EVGA Kingpin.

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2 thoughts on “Best RTX 2080ti: Asus ROG Matrix VS MSI Lightning Z VS EVGA Kingpin”

  1. What kind of review is this? These cards are overclock cards, made for overclocking. Without overclock tests, this review is worthless.

    1. These cards are already OC compared to founder edition, ofc you can still overclock them especially EVGA(those cards are always good at overclocking). However here we just wanted to compare them right out of the box for those who just want to plug and play without messing with the GPU

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