Apple Watch Series 5: Leaked Details and Price

The Apple Watch Series 4 was a big improvement over previous
Apple Watch Series 3. it has a larger screen, new design, and better ECG tech. Apple Watch S4 is undoubtedly the best smartwatch right now. But unfortunately, it’s still missing some major features in terms of fitness tracking.

Now, this year Apple will launch Watch Series 5, so the question is what kind of improvement it will have over Watch Series 4? This is everything we know about Apple Watch Series 5 so far.

Apple Watch Faces Store

apple watch faces

All Major Smartwatch brand like Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin have their own watch face store. The Apple Watch is the only remaining high-end smartwatch without watch faces store. There is a good chance that this year’s Apple watch series 5 might have it’s own dedicated watch faces store

Apple’s Own Improved Sleep Tracking

in February, Apple was planning to add advanced sleep tracking into the Apple Watch but that hasn’t come through yet. The Apple Watch still can’t track sleep directly. Instead, you have to install third-party sleep tracking apps on the watch. none of those apps actually works seamlessly with Apple’s own Health and Activity apps. Apple Watch Series 5 might be the first apple watch to get inbuilt sleep tracking feature.  

Wireless Charging from the Back of New iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active wireless charging with Samsung galaxy S10

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active can be charged wirelessly on the back of Samsung’s new smartphones, Galaxy S10 and, S10 Plus. Watch Series 4 was supposed to use AirPower for wireless charging but that’s down the drain now as Apple canceled AirPower. Maybe Watch S5 will support wireless charging from the back of the next iPhone. New iPhone might even allow you to charge Airpods just like the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Watch S5 with Better Battery Life

Apple devices never had impressive battery life in the past. Apple Watch Series 4 last just a little bit over a day before you need to run to your charger again. Watch Series 5 could have a bigger sized battery or more efficient processor that solves the battery life problem.

Apple Watch Series 5 Price

Currently, The Apple Watch Series 4 is available in the market for 400$. More affordable yet very expensive model Watch Series 3, is available at a price of 279$. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is selling for 200$ right now. means Apple watch series 5 might be the cheapest apple watch with a price point of around 250$.there is also a rumor that Watch S5 will have very expensive ceramic design version too.

So, this was everything we knew About Apple’s Watch Series 5. we will keep you updated as we find out new details. if you got any interesting insight about Watch S5 don’t forget to tell us in comments.

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