Apple tv 4k: tvOS 14 GM now Available to Download

tvOS 14 GM is finally available for Apple tv 4k and Apple tv HD. Now Developers and beta testers can download it for free. If you would like to try the beta version, this is how you can download it.

First, you need to open the Settings app from the home screen, then go into the system tab. Now locate the Software Update and install the update.

If you are already not part of Apple’s beta testing, you can go Apple Beta Program website and sign up there. Once you Sign up on the website, you should be able to get beta updates. tvOS 14 will be available to download at the end of September for the regular folks.

tvOS 14 new features

  • Apple Arcade games get multi-user support. Everyone will get recommended video game content based on their preference just like TV shows and movies. Different user’s game progress also will be saved individually.
  • The new version now supports picture-in-picture(pip) mode. You will be able to continue playing your videos in one corner while you explore other apps.
  • tvOS 14 will support Xbox Elite Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controllers.
  • Support for Youtube 4K playback
  • Now you can watch smart home camera feeds on your tv.

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