5 Best Camera Smartphones Under 20,000 Rs.

Smartphone photography is becoming very popular every day. It’s the most important aspect of a smartphone for many users. Smartphones with good camera quality are very expensive. However, with the right skill set, some budget phones will do the trick too.

So, here is the list of the top 5 camera smartphones under 20,000 Rs. They will provide you absolute best camera quality in this price segment.

Before we move on to the actual list, there is something you need to know. We have taken regular photography and videography, night shots, ultrawide pictures, portraits, and macro shots into the account before making this list.

Additionally, The quality of the photos and videos doesn’t only depend on camera hardware and megapixel size. They also rely on Smartphone’s processor and a particular company’s own image software processing.

Best Smartphones Deals and Offers right now

5. Motorola One Fusion+

motorola one fusion +

Back camera: 48MP main(f/1.7) + 8MP Ultra-wide(f/2.2)+ 5MP macro (f/2.2) + 2MP depth(f/2.2) Front Camera: 8MP(f/2.0) Processor: Snapdragon 730G Image sensor: Samsung ISOCELl Plus GW1

Price: 17,499 Rs.


  • Only smartphone in the segment to have a pop selfie camera
  • Excellent Camera UI
  • Very quick focus
  • Night-mode on the selfie camera


  • The amount of detail is limited
  • low light performance could be better
  • for 5MP sensor, macro shots are not impressive

4. Redmi 9 pro max

redmi note 9 pro max

Back camera: 64MP main(f/1.9) + 8MP Ultra-wide(f/2.2)+ 5MP macro (f/2.4) + 2MP depth(f/2.4) Front Camera: 32MP Processor: Snapdragon 730G Image sensor: Samsung ISOCELl Plus GW1

Price: 14,999 Rs.


  • Offers a large variety of shooting modes
  • Sharp and crispy images
  • Good macro shots
  • Detailed pictures on the front camera
  • impressive Night-Mode


  • Portrait mode needs a better edge detection
  • Needs better zoom

3. Samsung Galaxy M31s

samsung galaxy m31s

Back camera: 64MP main(f/1.8) + 12MP Ultra-wide(f/2.2)+ 5MP macro (f/2.4) + 5MP depth(f/2.4) Front Camera: 32MP(f/2.2) Processor: Exynos 9611 Image sensor: Sony IMX 682

Price: 15,999 Rs.


  • Single Take feature(6 different shots with 1 click)
  • Hyperlapse video effect
  • color rich and sharp images
  • Good ultra-wide camera
  • Nice edge detection on portrait shots
  • the bokeh effect is excellent


  • macro shots aren’t impressive
  • Night shots could be better
  • Video stabilization needs work

2. Realme 7 pro

realme 7 pro

Back camera: 64MP main(f/1.8) + 8MP Ultra-wide(f/2.3)+ 2MP macro (f/2.4) + 2MP depth(f/2.4) Front Camera: 32MP(f/2.5) Processor: Snapdragon 720G Image sensor: Sony IMX 682

Price: 19,999 Rs.


  • Great HDR pictures
  • Best Zoomed-in pictures in the segment
  • True to Life colors
  • Nice edge detection on portrait shots
  • Great selfie camera
  • Impressive Image Quality in Indoor lighting


  • Not much improvement over the Realme 6 Pro
  • Night mode still needs work
  • macro shots don’t look good

1. Poco X3

poco x3

Back camera: 64MP main(f/1.8) + 13MP Ultra-wide(f/2.2)+ 2MP macro (f/2.4) + 2MP depth(f/2.4) Front Camera: 20MP(f/2.2) Processor: Snapdragon732G Image sensor: Sony IMX 682

Price: 17,999 Rs.


  • Best daylight pictures in the segment
  • Very impressive macro shots
  • Realistic looking selfies
  • Impressive Night-mode with good filters
  • Well detailed ultra-wide shots
  • Nice Bokeh effect


  • Camera UI is confusing
  • Needs better edge detection on the front camera

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