OnePlus Buds Z: New Wireless earbuds are on the way

OnePlus has expanded its territory in the smartphone market after launching OnePlus buds. Now they are in the mood for taking it even further. The rumor among the tech enthusiast is that OnePlus is planning on launching new wireless earbuds. The wireless earbuds will be called “OnePlus Buds Z” and it will come with an affordable price tag.

The OnePlus buds are currently priced at $79, which is pretty good value for a wireless earbud that offers so much. Their main competitor is Apple Airpods, which goes for a price tag of $159-$199. Oneplus buds recently faced a rough time, as 2000 OnePlus buds were seized by US customs as Apple Airpods counterfeits.

The rumor about the name and affordable price tag is based on the fact that “OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z” was significantly cheaper compared to “OnePlus Bullets Wireless”.

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So, What’s the price and release of the OnePlus Buds Z? Well, we don’t have any information about that as of now. However, one of the XDA-developer members has spotted new OnePlus wireless buds listing. That means they will be launching soon maybe along with OnePlus 8T.

UPDATE: New OnePlus Wireless Earbuds Teased

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