OnePlus Buds Seized as fake AirPods by US customs

OnePlus Buds were launched just about a month ago along with a new mid-range smartphone, OnePlus Nord. New wireless buds were so similar to Apple Airpods in terms of design. They were clearly intended to beat the Airpods at almost half price. But, the company never would have thought that they will get seized for being counterfeits.

Recently US Customs Seized 2,000 Fake Apple Airpods worth $398,00 at JFK Airport, New York. Well, As it turns out they weren’t fake Airpods but they were Oneplus buds.

As you can see in the official tweet of CBP, the retail box looks like OnePlus buds. So, this means it was clearly a mistake on the part of the US customs department. They can’t possibly be counterfeits of Airpods because those wireless earbuds are clearly branded by OnePlus.

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All the confusion was caused by the design of the earbuds. Another thing here worth mentioning is that Apple doesn’t have any copyright for the Airpods design. So they can’t accuse OnePlus for their wireless earbuds.

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