Apple’s MagSafe Charger is also working for other Smartphones

Apple recently announced there iPhone 12 series through a virtual event. No charger and EarPods inside the box of iPhone 12 was one of the most shocking news at the event. However, Apple did introduce a new charging wireless function called MagSafe.

MagSafe charger snaps at the back of your iPhone 12, thanks to a magnetic ring in the back of all new iPhone 12 series smartphones. Apple also introduced a bunch of other accessories which also snaps with a magnetic ring.

Now MagSafe wireless is found to be working with some other smartphones from Samsung and Google. Android police writer, Max Weinbach has found that MagSafe connects and works with Samsung galaxy Fold 2. Here’s a tweet from him.

Tech YouTuber Aaron Zollo(YT- zollotech) also did some testing with MagSafe charger in one of his videos. In the video, it seemed to be working perfectly with Google Pixel 5.

Magsafe charger is completable with older iPhone devices till iPhone 8. However, the charger won’t snap at the back and doesn’t support 15W charging. MagSafe is a Qi charger that means it should work with any smartphone that supports Qi wireless charging.

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