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Best Civilization in Rise of kingdoms

Check out this list of the best rise of kingdom civilizations and find yourself a perfect nation.

Latest working rise of kingdome gift codes

All new gift codes

list of all of those new and working redeem gift codes that you can use in Rise of Kingdoms.

best commader pairing rise of kingdoms

Best Commander Pairings

Not sure which commander goes together perfectly? This guide will help you find the best commander pairs for different scenarios.

rok best open field commanders

Best Openfield Commander Pairings

We know you love the open field fight in rise of kingdoms, because who doesn’t? Check out this Openfield commander pairing guide and dominate your enemies.

rise of kingdoms-rok- commander-tier-list

Commander tier list

Planning on upgrading your next legendary commander? Check out this rok commander list to find out which commander is hot and which is not.

rise of kingdoms-rok- commander-tier-list

Peerless Scholar Quiz Questions and Answers

Playing the Peerless scholar quiz can give you lots of rewards, but you might not always know the right answers to the question. Use our rok peerless quiz answer cheat sheet to crack your exams.

wheel of fortune rise of kingdoms

Wheel of Fortune Guide

Wheel of Fortune is event that comes regularly in rise of kingdoms, bringing new legendary commanders for you. Find out rok wheel of Fortune commander timeline and schedule.

sun tzu garrison talent tree build

Commander Talent Tree build Guide

Owning a powerful commander in rise of kingdoms is always a good thing. However, they won’t be any good without having a proper talent tree builds on them. Check out different talent tree guides for different commanders.

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