How to get free gold keys in Rise of Kingdoms(ROK)

In the rise of kingdoms(rok), gold keys are essential for unlocking new commanders. With each key, you can choose from a pool of random commanders, which gives you the chance to upgrade your army with powerful heroes. However, gold keys are not easy to come by.

In order to get your hands on one, you’ll need to complete a series of challenges and tasks. But if you’re up for the challenge, the rewards will be well worth it.

In the rise of kingdoms, free-to-play players are at a disadvantage. They have to grind for hours just to unlock one legendary commander while paying players could potentially have three. Luckily gold keys can help you unlock some legendary commanders really fast.

So, do you want to know how to get free gold keys in Rise of Kingdoms(ROK)? We will tell you how. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll get lots of free gold keys in no time! So, what are you waiting for? Start reading now!

What are gold keys and what do they do in ROK

Gold keys are a type of reward in the Rise of Kingdoms. They can be used for premium items such as commanders, resources, speedups, and more.

Gold keys can be obtained through events, quests, daily login rewards, and VIP levels. They can also be purchased with real money. Gold keys are valuable in the game and can help you progress faster. However, they are not required to play the game and you can still progress without spending any money.

Tips and tricks for acquiring more gold keys without spending any money

1.Redeem codes

Gift codes are by far the easiest way to get the gold keys. You simply redeem the gift code and will receive the gold key and some other rewards in the mail. All the latest working rok gift redeem codes are available here, along with a guide on how to use them.

2.Daily Mission Chest

how to get golden keys

One of the best ways to get gold keys in Rise of Kingdoms is through completing the daily missions and getting a reward chest. This chest resets every day and gives you 1 confirmed gold key.

To complete the mission, you’ll need to collect a certain amount of resources, kill a certain number of barbarians, and more. It’s very simple and easy.

3.Barbarian Forts

Barbarian forts are a great way to get some nice rewards. By destroying these forts, you not only gain gold keys, but also experience points and resources which can be used to improve your army and commanders.

In addition, barbarian forts are a great way to farm action point bottles for your entire alliance. unfortunately, this method requires luck and lots of grinding because the drop rate of the gold key is very low when destroying the forts.

4.Barbarian Camps

golden chest rok

There are several barbarian strongholds located on the map. You can defeat barbarian leaders like “Bloodfist Bargha” and “Swindler Dhalruk” to receive some really good rewards, gold key is also part of those rewards. Barbarian camps can be quite difficult to do solo, so be sure to bring a friend while doing them.

5.VIP Level 10 chest

golden chest rise of kingdoms

As a f2p player, reaching VIP level 10 should be your number one priority. You will get one gold key every day as well as one legendary commander sculpture. Spend some gems during the More than gems event to unlock VIP level 10 as soon as possible.

6.Alliance gift

whenever whales and visa bois of your alliance purchase a bundle, you receive a gift chest, those gift chests have some probability of giving you some gold keys. Aside from that when you open alliance treasure you receive gold keys as rewards.

7.Sunset canyons ranking

This is not a very easy method because it’s quite competitive but if you manage to be among the top 100 players in sunset canyons, you will receive the gold keys as rewards.

The top 5 players also receive a gold key as part of daily rewards. So, upgrade your commanders and make the right pairings to climb the leaderboard.

Rise of kingdoms commander tier list

8.Monument Quests

The monument has a bunch of quests that are done by alliance and kingdom. For the home Kingdom, it’s only available once(unless you migrate to another kingdom). It’s also available during the KvKs.

If your kingdom manages to do quests, you will end up with lots of gold keys. They are time-limited so be sure to check them every once in a while.

9.Treasure of the Warrior Queen

From the expedition, you can receive “Treasure of the Warrior Queen” it generally gives Aethelflaed commander sculpture. However, there is a small chance that you also get a gold key from them.

10. Mysterious Caves

There are several mysterious caves located on the home Kingdom as well as the kvk map. You can send your scout March to explore them and receive the gold key as a part of the reward.

11. Events

From time to time there are several events in the rise of the kingdom that can award you gold keys. So be on the lookout for different events and their rewards by checking the timetable.

12. Mysterious merchant

Now, this is not exactly f2p friendly because it requires you to spend some gems. However, if you are a mid-spender then you can get some gold keys at a heavy discount from a mysterious merchant.

13.Tavern Gold key chest

Every 2 days you get one golden chest which you can open without having any gold keys.

Gold Key and Silver Key Drop Rates

These are the rewards you can get from gold keys and silver keys

ItemGold Key ChancesSilver Key Chances
Legendary commander0.80566%
Epic commander2.34762%
Elite commander3.41472%0.707%
Legendary commander sculpture3.07422%
Advanced commander2.122%
Epic commander sculpture8.45411%1.0089%
Elite commander sculpture15.97166%4.03559%
Dazzling Starlight Sculpture 4.88485%
Brand-new Starlight Sculpture 9.7677%3.364%
Ordinary Starlight Sculpture 6.727%
Obsolete Starlight Sculpture 16.818%
Resource items17.09348%21.023%
Speed up12.82011%12.614%
Tome of knowledge 21.36685%23.125%

That’s it, these are all the ways in Rise of Kingdoms using which you can get free gold keys. if you are a really active player then you can get around 200-250 gold keys every month.

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