Microsoft Released Windows 11, Everything you need to Know about it

Microsoft has released their new OS Windows 11. Now there are so many questions about like how’s the experience? How you can upgrade it from your existing windows 10? And what are the system requirements for windows 11? Worry not! Here are answers to all of your questions.

How to check system requirements for windows 11?

Before you can get your hands on windows 11, you need to check your PC or laptop if it’s compatible with the update. Below there is a step-by-step guide on how you can do that.

  • First up, download “PC health tool” from Microsoft website.
  • Run the software and press “check now” button on the top of the screen.
  • The software will check for all the requirements like TPM 2.0, processor, RAM, Storage and so on.
  • Once check is complete you will be able to know whether you can upgrade to windows 11 or not

If you wondering what is TPM 2.0? It’s a security feature called “Trusted Platform Module” found in recent computers. This is the necessary feature for an upgrade. You can’t upgrade to windows 11 without TPM 2.0

How to upgrade to Windows 11 from windows 10?

  • Once you are done with checks, Head over to the settings
  • In the settings, look for Update & security option.
  • Check if you have latest version of windows 10. if you have any pending windows 10 updates then make sure to install them first.
  • In the Update menu, you will see banner for new update, click “download and install” button .
  • That’s it, just sit back and relax. The PC will reboot and will be updated to windows 11.

Note: if you not seeing the windows 11 update banner even after meeting requirements, then just be patient. Microsoft is slowly rolling out updates for different devices. So there is a good chance that you will not see the update option right away.

Windows 11 new Features and Changes

At the first glance Windows, 11 might look very similar to windows 10. However, once you start exploring you will start seeing some UI changes and improvements. Microsoft has tried to make a smartphone-like UI in windows 11.

The very first change you will notice is that the start button and taskbar are now in the center of the bottom side. However, it can be to its original spot, if that’s your preference.

New UI supports a higher refresh rate. All the animation now feels buttery smooth, though you will need a higher refresh rate display to see these changes.

There is also a personalized customized widgets option that provides you latest updates and news. We have already seen a glimpse of this feature in Windows 10 too.

The quick settings menu is now completely revamped. All the options like, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery saver, brightness slider, and audio slider can be accessed in a single tab. The look and feel of this new tab is just like a smartphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth button on top, followed by brightness control slider and audio slider.

For the multi-tasking capabilities, windows 11 has a feature called Snap layouts. It’s nothing too fancy, it simply docks different software and applications based on predefined layout design.

Microsoft is bringing some of the Xbox gaming consoles features like Auto HDR and Direct storage to windows 11. Aside from that, Some Android apps will also be accessible on Windows 11 via Amazon App Store. However, these features haven’t arrived yet, maybe in the future update we might see these changes.

Should you upgrade to windows 11?

Now, It’s time for the big question. Whether you should update to windows 11 or stay on windows 10? Well, Upgrading your PC to Windows 11 doesn’t cost you a dime, it’s a completely free update. Even though both of them look almost similar, Windows 11 gives you cleaner look and a few time-saving setting options. Lastly, there aren’t any major bugs as of now. So, yes it’s definitely worth spending your time to get the new update.

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