Venom Movie Review: Certainly not bad but could have been better

Its certainly a challenge to make a Venom movie without Spiderman in it. Ruben Fleischer Tried his best to Make it work somehow. so now let’s find out how well that worked out.

The movie kicks off with the escape of symbiote named riot from the life foundation’s custody. Later in the movie riot tries to reach his host in San Francisco by hiding inside Malaysian women. Surprisingly it takes 6 months for him to get there. and the story doesn’t even explain what riot was doing for six months or what he is capable of? I don’t see any point in venom hiding under an old woman’s body for 6 months. In the start of the movie, Tom Hardy is journalist named Eddie Broke. A man with principles, Eddie Brock make some bad decisions and lose everything.

in the movie, Venom decides to stay on earth permanently attached to Eddie Brock and he betrays his own species. that doesn’t sound very promising To me especially when there is no explanation why venom did that. And since venom is attached to Eddie Brock permanently what about venom’s obsession with the Spider-Man.

certainly, I didn’t see this coming but venom is actually funny in this movie. venom Whisper something into Eddie Brock’s head after he does something. I don’t know why but surprisingly only Eddie can hear venom’s voice. There is a bunch of funny scenes based on that in the movie. for example, Venom calls Eddie Brock “pussy” when he refuses to jump from the building and take Elevators instead. To be honest actually, I did enjoy those funny scenes. But the problem is I was there to see a dark and evil venom, not some funny venom. I mean why a creature like a venom would be funny? right. this is the probably one of the biggest reason venom is getting this much hate. They literally killed the original character of venom.

Now let’s talk about my favourite part in any movie CGI and VFX. Venom as well as other symbiotic looks pretty good in the movie. Venom’s look is perfectly awesome, powerful scary alien creature as it should be. The visual effect of venom wrapping around Eddie Brock’s body is eye-catching. Riot’s look is also fantastic, all of his visual effects in fight scenes are very well executed. But like I already said Venom does not do Venom stuff in the movie besides a couple of fights. And the main reason for that is venom was originally shooted for R rated, but they downgraded that for PG-13 to gain more viewers. What are they trying to do over here? creating some YouTube video. Greedy people.

Speaking of the acting lead actor Tom Hardy terrible job. But it’s not completely His fault, his character Eddie Brock is very poorly written in the movie. I don’t see any reason why venom should attach to not anyone else but just Eddie Brock. There is not any explanation in the movie why Eddie Brock should be the host of a venom. On the other hand, Riz Ahmed does the fantastic job as a head of a Life Foundation. He totally sells his character as Carlton Drake, A man with a vision to save the human race by combining them to Symbiotes. he completely pulls off the look of an Evil scientist who does anything in the name of science.

Michelle Williams does a decent job as a wife of Eddie Brock, Anne. The chemistry between Eddie Brock and Anne is a total disaster. They were about to get married before Eddie breaks everything apart. But there was not any solid explanation about their past love life beside one-morning scene. Anne breaks up with Eddie when she gets fired because of him. that doesn’t paint a picture of they were about to get married in first place. keeping this side there is a one pretty good kissing scene between Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams. You might have probably seen Spiderman upside-down kiss. I don’t want to spoil too much but I have to say Venom did one better.that is one of the best scenes of the movie.


  • likable funny venom 
  • visually venom never looked this great in any movie
  • fantastic action scenes and the fight scene 
  • nicely done CGI and visual effects


  • venom’s funny character is not for everyone
  • real-life characters of the movie is not that great
  • storyline has a bunch of flaws
  • tom hardy’s poor performance 

so,should you watch venom?

yes, defiantly.even after a bunch of holes in the story and poor performance of the actor, venom is still a good movie. if you just simply don’t pay too much attention to the story and not to try find logic you surely gonna enjoy those humorous and visually impressive action fight in the end, venom is really not that bad like every reviewer is saying but we certainly expect more when it comes to far as I know Marvel is not known for I am pretty sure they gonna do nice come back in the next venom movie.

P.S. – since its a Marvel movie, don’t forget to stick around for after credit scene. plus there is also a nice rape song from Eminem in end. good stuff from him.

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