SpiderMan might Leave MCU Soon

Spiderman leaving Marvel Cinematic Universe this kind of headline would give a stroke to any real spider man fan. right?

unfortunately, some circumstances are forming up because of which spiderman might need to leave MCU. now let’s find how this nightmare might come to reality.

According to Deadline Marvel and Sony previously had an agreement which allowed them both to use spiderman character in MCU as well as sony pictures. but recently they failed to reach that agreement which means our friendly neighborhood hero will be out of MCU.

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All of this raises a question that who actually owns the spiderman?

Spiderman’s character was created none other than our beloved Stan Lee and another comic book artist Steve Ditko in 1960s. his first appearance was in the comic book named Amazing Fantasy.

Sony bought spiderman’s character frights from marvel by paying 7 million dollars in 1999. in 2002 sony made their first spider-man movie starring Tobey Maguire.

Marvel and sony both agreed to share rights in 2015, giving us Spider-Man: Homecoming(2017), A very first appearance of spider man in MCU.

Spidy’s last appearance in MCU was in Spider-Man: Far From Home. that means up until now things were absolutely smooth between sony and marvel. so what exactly went wrong?

Details are not very cleared on what happened exactly. for all we know, both companies have a difference of opinions on Kevin Feige being a producer of the next spiderman movie.

we are not sure if the things are going to work out between marvel and sony. but what we are sure of is that if they don’t reach an agreement then you won’t be seeing spider fighting side by side with avengers any time soon.

Now Spiderman fans are absolutely not liking this dual. and they have already started showing their disappointment on Twitter.

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to us he staying in MCU makes more sense because of his major involvement recent marvel movies including the company’s biggest blockbuster avengers end game. So what you think does Spidy Belong MCU with avengers or Sony should show off him as a solo hero?

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