Avengers 4: here is why Thor can possibaly die

Hi, there marvel fans. untitled Avengers movie which We are referring as Avengers 4(Avengers infinity war part 2) is set to release in may 2019.there’s no doubt there will be deaths of some of the best MCU heroes in Avengers 4.more likely candidates include the original MCU Avengers like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor.so here is the possible theory that Thor will die in Avengers 4.

In 2017 3rd Thor movie the Thor Ragnarok was released. Ragnarok in Norse mythology is a cyclical event that results in both the destruction of Asgard and the deaths of several key figures.that includes Odin(Anthony Hopkins), Frigga(Rene Russo), Loki(Tom Hiddleston), Heimdall(Idris Elba) and of course Thor(Chris Hemsworth). just like in the mythological version of the event it was Surtur(Clancy Brown) who destroyed Asgard. but it was Thor who started Ragnarok in the MCU. Thor did that to kill his evil half-sister hella(Cate Blanchett).so it was Thor’s decision to destroy Asgard rather than the gigantic fire demon Surtur doing it on his own will.

Of course, Odin and Frigga were already dead by the time Surtur destroyed the MCU version of Asgard. while Loki and Heimdall died in this year’s Avengers infinity war at the hands of the mad Titan Thanos(Josh Brolin). That makes mighty thor our only survivor before Ragnarok is completed.so could it be that Thor’s death is required to complete the real Ragnarok in the MCU? There is a possibility it might happen in 2019’s Avengers 4  movie a very

A noteworthy point was made in Thor Ragnarok that Asgard is not a place but a people. Ragnarok is a prophesied event both in the classic Norse mythology and in the MCU.the fact that Thor isn’t dead yet would suggest that prophecy hasn’t actually been completed in MCU. so what could that mean going forward? well, Ragnarok is kind of an analogy of winter bringing an end to life and afterward the new life that arrives in the spring. Norse gods are all meant to die and then be reborn in new bodies. that obviously can’t happen with one of the most powerful Norse gods still living.

Countless important Asgardian characters dead in the MCU as far. but Thor was indeed left alive when Thanos and his children massacred his people in the opening scenes of Avengers infinity war. It also left us with the question of whether or not Loki is really dead? but that’s a discussion for another time. another thing to note down here is Valkyrie(Tessa Thompson) has been confirmed as being still alive. but whether or not their deaths are required for the completion of Ragnarok is still open for debate.

At the start of Avengers infinity war, Thanos said “dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same”. which can also suggest Thor’s death and the deaths of any surviving Asgardians are inevitable. it will complete Ragnarok in Avengers 4 fulfilling the ancient prophecy as well as Thor’s destiny.

Marvel has hinted us about Ragnarok back in 2015 in Avengers Age of Ultron. when a still badly behaving Wanda Maximoff(Elizabeth Olsen) shows strange visions to the Avengers. Thor’s visions saw Heimdall informing him that he’d be the one who destroyed Asgard.followed by Thor blasting Asgardians with powerful lightning bolts to their deaths. those vision did come true in thor Ragnarok. Thor certainly didn’t kill any Asgardians himself even if he was the one to trigger the destruction of his home realm after he evacuated Asgardians.but what Thor did in Thor Ragnarok accidentally led all remaining Asgardians to death at the hands of Thanos. forcing them all onto one ship wasn’t actually a wise move. all grouped together in a ship without Any protection made them vulnerable. This is not exactly like thor’s vision but it’s a tedious link at best.

Thanos would undoubtedly have headed to Asgard to obtain the tesseract. if Surtur hadn’t destroyed it his actions towards the Asgardians would have been equally as ruthless even if they’d been on home soil. Therefore all Asgardians are supposed to die anyway just like it suggest in Ragnarok prophecy. as we already know that Asgard is said to be a people rather than a place maybe he and any other surviving Asgardians do need to perish for the prophecy to be truly fulfilled.

This theory suggests Avengers 4 will definitely tack us back to Asgard in some way.we know the Asgard was destroyed in Thor Ragnarok. But the fact that some scenes for Avengers 4 were filmed at Durham Cathedral in The United Kingdom would indeed suggest Asgard will appear in the movie. there aren’t many places in MCU other than Asgard which requires shooting at Durham Cathedral.it could be a time-travel scene or a flashback in which Asgard appears. the Cathedral could also be dressed up to look like the ruins of Asgard and Avengers 4 could just venture back to those ruins. stand-in for Rocket was seen on set at Durham Cathedral would suggest that the god of thunder and his rabbit friend will head to Asgard. but then again it could actually just be that the scene was filmed for Avengers infinity war and just didn’t end up being included in the final cut.only time will tell as far as that’s concerned.

if Thor does end up dying and Ragnarok comes to a completion as the result of his death in Avengers 4, it wouldn’t even necessarily mean it’s the last we’d see of Thor’s character in the MCU.like already said earlier Ragnarok is a cyclical event from which the Norse gods always return, reborn to live again. Thor’s rebirth could also mean other deceased Asgardians returning to the MCU.but with that the Ragnarok story could be done and dusted in the MCU and there’s also a chance it could actually be undone. Some of the set photos from Avengers 4 have shown Thor as having long hair again. Which certainly suggests it’s a version of the thor’s character from the past.that could mean Ragnarok never happens in the MCU and Asgard remains intact going forward.

Now we have to think about whether or not thor’s death makes in Avengers 4.if Marvel Studios wants to follow the mythological version of Ragnarok to the letter then it’s only right that the god of thunder die in Avengers 4. given the events of the Avengers infinity war it makes sense that Thor would sacrifice his own life to finally finish the Thanos once and for all. After all Asgardian avenger was completely responsible for missing the opportunity to land a killing blow on the mad Titan Thanos when he had the chance to do so.this will undoubtedly result in very heavy guilt on Thor’s conscience going into the Avengers 4 movie.

Of course, thor can kill Thanos without sacrificing himself in the process. But it will make way more sense for Hollywood blockbuster that he sacrificed himself to save the universe after spectacularly failing to do so the first time. That way Marvel Studios can also bring him back by setting up on a whole new series of adventures in a post-Ragnarok world for phase 4 in MCU.

In summary, Thor can possibly die and Ragnarok can finally be completed in Avengers 4.god of thunder could still return in the future in another solo movie with a simple explanation of Ragnarok prophecy. There is still one question left if thor’s rebirth happens who will be playing Thor character? Will Chris Hemsworth continue playing thor’s character or there will be someone else. well, only time can tell us that. For now, do you really think Thor can die in Avengers 4? Tell us in a comment down below.

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