9 Things You Need To Know About Marvel Avengers Infinity War

On 27, April 2018 probably world’s biggest Hollywood movie The Avengers: Infinity War going to release.we all marvel fans waiting for this from so long but before you actually go see it in a movie theater here is 9 things you need to know about Avengers infinity war.


1.Avengers Flying to Space

As we seen in trailer full squad of guardian of the galaxy is in the movie which brings as to the question that even iron man and his gang going to fly to space? and simple answer is yes because from the video from the first day shooting shows Chris Pratt, Robert Downey Jr., and Tom Holland are standing in expansive wasteland which doesn’t feel like earth at all.as of now we can assume that at least StarLord, IronMan, and Spiderman somehow end up on some unknown alien planet.which have a good chance of MCU’s expansion.it will team up our earth’s superheroes with outer space superheroes.but who knows?reality might be different for actual story you have to see Avengers infinity war.

2.Actors Didn’t Get Their Scripts Until Shooting Began

Sounds ridiculously funny. isn’t it?yes but that is the truth movie shooting started on 23rd January and some of the cast haven’t received their script yet.in early January Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Dave Bautista, and Chris Hemsworth also confirmed that they haven’t read anything yet.this proves that when its come to secrecy marvel is very careful.after all, this is a marvel and they are known for stuff like this. actually, Chris Hemsworth also said “A little nerve-racking a couple weeks out, isn’t it?But this the way Marvel does it?”. this whole late script thing is not ideal for the actor who is trying to prepare for a part but surprisingly it worked out for marvel.after all those actors are best at what they do.

3.Do You Know How many Characters Are There?

The Russo brothers commented that the film’s office has a board with like 67 characters on it.many fans immediately assumed that movie would have exactly but that’s not 100% right.because Russo brothers later clarified that this is not the exact number but the significant existing MCU characters who could appear in the Avengers infinity war.movies also include some the comic book superhero characters.considering movie captain America civil war has around 30 characters on board.including guarding of galaxy’s gang movie might have characters around 65 to 70.

4.Thor Gonna Have a New Weapon?

Marvel studio released a video that includes the shooting of avengers infinity war.there is an interesting image in that video clip.its a concept art from the movie, in which you can see Thor fighting alongside rocket raccoon(don’t call him raccoon though he doesn’t like it).as seen in picture thor isn’t holding his hammer Mjolnir, but it looks like axe that thor previously used in comics prior to  obtaining the hammer to end all hammers.as we have seen in Thor: Ragnarok that Hela breaks his hammer into pieces and Thor gets separated from Mjolnir.there is a possibility that Thor might not be able to get back his hammer in the time of infinity war.it’s look like its one of the way of marvel to nerf the avenger’s power during their first meeting with Thanos.if that so then he will probably get it back for his rematch against Thanos in the fourth Avengers movie.

5.Avengers 4 or Avengers: Infinity War 2

This is the thing where fans are still confused that is it gonna be 2 part movie or there will be separate movie Avengers 4?Firstly movie was originally announced as two-part under the same name of Avengers infinity war. but plans changed and marvel reconfirmed that instead of two part of infinity war there will be separate movie.name is not confirmed yet so you can call it Avengers 4 for now. both movies will be closely linked but not split into two parts.probably because of negative publicity of two parted movies in past.lets just hope Avengers 4 doesn’t feel like split second part of Avengers infinity war.disney will be sitting on top of the money if everything works out.

6.FinallyThanos Will be Fully exposed

One of the most disappointing things for Marvel movie fan is that we have seen very little of Thanos since his debut to MCU in 2012.in past movies, we have only seen small scenes of Thanos here and there.combaing all movies Thanos have just three minutes of screen time.good news this will not be the case this time.Avengers co-writer Christopher Markus confirmed that Thanos will have highest screen time in the movie.He said “We don’t get an element of surprise.Everyone knows he’s coming… you can count on a lot of scenes where we illuminated a lot about him very early”.this is sound like the just great thing to us.

7.Vision Might Not Survive The Infinity War

A number of actors have already confirmed their return to Avengers 4.Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. will be reappearing in Avengers 4. unfortunately Paul Bettany(Vision) isn’t one of them.considering how powerful he is and how effective he could be against Thanos, and especially when you know that he contains Mind stone in his forehead.we wouldn’t be surprised if Thanos Rip out Mind stone out his head and kill him to create one of the special moment for the movie.when it comes to marvel there is not much prediction option.but this makes so much sense in theory.

8.Captain Marvel Will be Definitely In The Movie

Brie Larson was cast as captain marvel, but it was never confirmed that she will be appearing in infinity war until casting sheet leaked for the movie in December.which confirms the Larson will be definitely appearing as captain marvel in the Avengers infinity war.that also clarify that she will also have some sort of involvement ahead for her own solo movie releasing just right before Avengers 4.whether she will be appearing in infinity war’s post-credit scene of infinity war or she will have a more impacting part in the movie.either way, she will be making her appearance somewhere in the movie.

9. Avengers Infinity War Is The First Movie to Shot On Digital IMAX

Avengers Infinity war is one the biggest casts and ridiculously huge budget movie in the history.but that’s not it marvel also set a milestone by shooting entire movie In IMAX DMR.which is the first time in the movie industry.No wonder that Disney aiming for something big for their biggest blockbuster ever, of course, they are paying a big price for it.previously so many blockbuster movies featured IMAX scene but unfortunately that was the just a small of pieces of the movie.

That’s all we know about Avengers infinity war, for now. there are lots of expectation from Avengers Infinity war but who knows what marvel will bring us. as per rumors, avengers infinity war will be the biggest movie in the history and it will make 200 million dollars just in the first day.what do you think about this?let us know in the comments.

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