Samsung and Xiaomi trolled Apple for iPhone 12 series

The long-awaited Apple iPhone 12 is finally out now. There were many rumors out there that suggested that the new iPhone will not come with a charger and EarPods in the box. And yes indeed that’s the case, Apple confirms it during the launch on October 13.

According to Apple, they removed the power adapter and EarPods from the box for “environment reasons”.The smaller box will help in reducing 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions every year. They also said for many users power adapter and EarPods just go unused.

On some level, Apple is right too! Many people out there who already own any iPhone 11 series wouldn’t really need a power adapter. They do provide fast-charging USB-C to Lightning cable in the box which might be appealing to most users.

As per the EarPods itself, the current market trend is all about wireless. So the person who is willing to buy iPhone 12 would surely opt for wireless Apple Airpods or Airpods pro over the EarPods.

Secondly, Apple went on and on about their new smartphones being 5G ready. While it’s a good thing all the other companies are already providing 5G connectivity in their flagship smartphones. Not to mention they had to skip 120Hz display on iPhone 12 series just to provide a 5G network.

Anyway, this was the moment that the competition was waiting. Samsung and Xiaomi grabbed the opportunity and trolled Apple indirectly via twitter posts.

Tweets from Xiaomi and Samsung

xiaomi makes fun of apple iphone 12 for no charger inside the box

Xiaomi Uploaded a video of Mi 10T unboxing and there was a power adapter in the top of the box. they captioned it “Don’t worry, we didn’t leave anything out of the box with the #Mi10TPro.” Clearly, showing Apple that they have made a huge mistake with Apple 12 packaging.

samsung trolls apple for iphone 12 5G network

Samsung tweeted this picture showcasing their range of 5G smartphones. they also said,” Some people are just saying hi to speed now, we’ve been friends for a while.” They intended to show the fact that Samsung is providing faster 5G connectivity long before Apple iPhone 12 series.

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