How to Install Apple iOS 13 Public Beta

iOS 13 public beta version software update is released by Apple recently. they have also launched their very first new iPadOS for Apple tablets.

Originally Apple announced iOS 13 and iPadOS for developers earlier this month. but right now it’s available for everyone as part of public beta. the final version will be released in September once they solve all the bugs reported by users.

iOS 13 has amazing features such as speed optimization, faster face id unlock, dark mode, better photo gallery, shared audio, new keyboard and lots of other. we will tell you about all of those features in another post.

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Now, after hearing about all of these exciting features if you want to try it your self. here is full step by step guide on how to install iOS 13 on your Apple devices.

Warning: This is still a beta version meaning you might experience some bugs. so if you are a normal user then you should wait till final steady version comes out in September.

Requirements to use iOS 13: iPhone 6S or newer, iPhone SE or newer

Requirements to use iPadOS: iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, New iPad mini 4

Installing Apple’s iOS 13 & iPadOS Public Beta

  1. Safety comes first. take a full back of your Apple device so you can revert back to the old OS at any time.
  2. Second, you need to download the beta setting profile. which you can download from Apple Beta Site.
  3. Now go into your settings and locate the new profile menu option. from there you need to install beta setting profile which you downloaded earlier.
  4. Reboot your Apple device(iPhone or iPad)
  5. Connect to the internet. wifi is highly recommended
  6. Open up settings once again and find General tab, in there you will see Software Update
  7. The last step, Simply download and install the iOS 13 or iPadOS from Software Update.

This is just a one-time process. after installing the new OS, it will be automatically updated once Apple releases a new improved version of iOS 13 and iPadOS.

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Once Again keep in mind that this beta version designed for tester and developers. so you will encounter few crashes and performance issues. Now, what are you waiting for? Go and explore this new OS.

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