Best RTX 2080ti: Asus ROG Matrix VS MSI Lightning Z VS EVGA Kingpin

RTX 2080ti is a powerful turing architecture gaming GPU from Nvidia. it enables the possibility of very high-end 4k Gaming and Ray tracing.

All of this power comes at a cost. RTX 2080ti is the second most expensive and powerful GPU on the planet after Titan RTX.

let’s say after robbing a bank or winning the lottery, you are finally able to afford RTX 2080ti. now question that comes to mind is which 2080ti to buy?

when you are spending this much money on a single GPU, you wanna pick out the best.

Here we have put Asus ROG Matrix, Msi Lightning Z, and Evga kingpin against each other to find out our ultimate RTX 2080ti champion.

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First, let’s compare some key specs of all three GPUs.

CUDA Cores435243524352
Base Clock1350 MHz1350 MHz1350 MHz
1815 MHz1770 MHz1770 MHz
Video Memory 11 GB GDDR611 GB GDDR611 GB GDDR6
Memory Clock14800 MHz14000 MHz14000 MHz
Memory Bandwidth 651 GB/s616 GB/s616 GB/s
Memory Bus352-bit352-bit352-bit
External Power2 PCIe 8-pin3 PCIe 8-pin3 PCIe 8-pin
Size310 mm328 mm290.83 mm

Asus ROG Matrix has a faster boost clock speed, memory clock, and Memory Bandwidth. it still only needs 250W, compare to MSI Lightning Z consuming 300W, and just requires 2 x PCIe 8-pin connectors.

The specs are really impressive on Asus ROG Matrix 2080 ti. It’s clearly better than the other two, at least on paper. we still need to look at the benchmarks and real gaming performance to find out the winner.

Gaming Performance Benchmarks

Now let’s take a look at the gaming performance of each GPU in some of the top video games.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

1920 x 10802560 x 14403840 x 2160
Asus ROG Matrix 104 fps83 fps52 fps
MSI Lightning Z99 fps77 fps50 fps
EVGA Kingpin98 fps78 fps50 fps

Civilization VI

1920 x 10802560 x 14403840 x 2160
Asus ROG Matrix 146 fps143 fps134 fps
MSI Lightning Z145 fps143 fps131 fps
EVGA Kingpin142 fps141 fps130 fps

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

1920 x 10802560 x 14403840 x 2160
Asus ROG Matrix 139 fps100 fps59 fps
MSI Lightning Z131 fps96 fps54 fps
EVGA Kingpin132 fps94 fps52 fps

Far Cry 5

1920 x 10802560 x 14403840 x 2160
Asus ROG Matrix 135 fps134 fps88 fps
MSI Lightning Z135 fps132 fps85 fps
EVGA Kingpin135 fps130 fps82 fps

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  1. What kind of review is this? These cards are overclock cards, made for overclocking. Without overclock tests, this review is worthless.

    • These cards are already OC compared to founder edition, ofc you can still overclock them especially EVGA(those cards are always good at overclocking). However here we just wanted to compare them right out of the box for those who just want to plug and play without messing with the GPU

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