After leaving OnePlus, Carl Pei is launching a new company

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei said his goodbyes to OnePlus a couple of months ago. He wanted to spend time with his friends and family and wanted to pursue something new.

Now Carl has made very exciting announcements on Twitter. He is launching a new company today at 11 AM GMT(4:30 PM IST/ 6 AM EST). The company’s headquarter is located in London.

Nothing company owner carl pei tweet

As of now, there is no information about the company. Nobody even knows the name yet. Looking at Carl Pei’s background we are assuming that it’s going to be an electronics company.

As a co-founder, he has worked on many OnePlus smartphones and Audio products. It will be very exciting to find out what new products he will bring to us.

carl pei's new company headquarter
Source: IG- Carl Pei (@getpeid)

This is the pre-renovation picture of the company office. Carl posted it on Instagram a couple of weeks ago.

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