How to clear history using Off-Facebook Activity tool

Millions of users had said goodbye to Facebook because of privacy issues. Now Facebook has finally added the “Off-Facebook activity” tool Into their settings. It will give you more user control and better transparency. It will somewhat restrict FB’s use of third-party tracking.

How to clear Off-Facebook Activity

Here is a full step by step guide to clear out the history of your Facebook account.

  1. First up login into your Facebook account and go into settings. In settings locate the “Off-Facebook Activity” tab. Or you can just click here to go to that page.
  2. Once you click on a view button you will see a bunch of just like in the picture below. Click on Clear History button, a popup will open to confirm your action. and that’s it once you confirm your Facebook activity history will be cleared.

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More Permanent solution

If you want to disconnect your off-Facebook activities from your account permanently follow these steps.

  1. Follow the same steps as clearing history, but this time click on the “Manage future activity” option.
  2. Once you click that option, it will open up a pop-up window like this. Click the “manage future activity” button.
  3. After that, another page will open up with an option to turn off Future Off-facebook Activity.
  4. That’s it, folks. you have done it!

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