Google will restrict background location tracking in Android Apps

Google play store has thousands of android apps that use the location tracking feature to provide you a better experience. Some the apps use location tracking in background without you knowing about it.

now, this might not concern everyone but for some people, this is a huge privacy violation. The app might have all the data of your current location and you wouldn’t even know about it.

Google has taken some serious action toward this particular problem. now every app that uses GPS has to go through the review process, in which developers need to define why they will be using location tracking. if the developer fails to give a valid reason, they will be restricted to use location tracking.

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These changes were announced by the Director of Product management Trust & Safety, Krish Vitaldevara in Android Developer Blog. from 3rd August every newly added app in google play store will go through the review.

As per existing apps, they need to get approval before 2nd November otherwise the app will be removed from Google Play. Developers can submit an app for review from may.

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