Google Play Music is being Replaced by YouTube Music.

Google had already announced that they will be shutting down Google Play Music. Now it has officially stopped working and YouTube Music will take its place.

The app is still available to download from the Google Play Store. However, when you open the app it says ” google play music is no longer available”. It shows the same message on the website.

You were a regular user of Google Play music? Don’t worry you can still transfer your entire library and playlist to YouTube Music. However, you need to hurry up because it’s only available for a limited time.

There is also an option available to delete the entire library if you don’t want to migrate to YouTube Music. Even if you don’t delete now, all the data will be deleted automatically after some time.

For the premium users of Play Music, the subscription will be also transferred to YouTube Music. The subscription price currently stays the same, but it could be changed in the future.

Google has said that they are shutting down Play Music because they want to keep just one music streaming app and focus more on developing it. This means we can see many new features coming to YouTube Music very soon. the ability to add songs in the queue is one of them.

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