Disney Plus Streaming: all you need to know

You might already know that Disney is launching a new Disney plus. what exactly is the Disney+? it’s paid subscription-based streaming service from Disney, just like a Netflix, Hulu, Apple tv and more.

On Disney+, you can watch movies and tv shows from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, Disney, and National Geography with a paid subscription. Here is everything you need to know about this new streaming service.

Disney Plus Release Date

The first question that comes to your mind is when Disney plus is getting released? this new streaming service will first come to the US on 12th November. it will start to go live in Asian regions from October 2019. in Europe and Latin America, it will be released between March and October next year.

The US released date is perfectly set by Disney. at the time of launch, it will be the holiday season that clearly means more viewer will be available to watch. additionally, A sequel to the company’s blockbuster movie Frozen, Frozen 2 is releasing on 22, November.

Which Platforms Disney+ will support?

It will be available on pretty much all devices including smartphones, PC, Tablets and Smart TVs. PS4 and Roku tv will also support Disney’s news streaming service.

Offline Viewing and Multiple Streams Available?

Yes, you will be able to download content for offline viewing on Disney+. for simultaneous streaming on multiple devices, there is no word from Disney. but its most likely to be available since rivals are offering that feature.

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Disney Plus Price

of course, you are curious to find out the price. so what will be the subscription price of Disney+? It will be available for 7$/Month in the start, but price mostly likely to go up later.

Netflix’s most popular standard plan is available for 13$. In order to cut the competition, Disney is offering Disney plus, ESPN Plus and Hulu Bundle for 13$. same price as Netflix’s standard plan!

One last thing, why do you need Disney Plus at all? you can already watch Disney content on Netflix. Right? unfortunately all Disney content most likely to get removed from Netflix. but no need to worry because you will be notified before that happens.

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seven bucks seem like a fair deal for all those amazing Disney and marvel content. so what your thoughts on this? will you subscribe to Disney’s this new streaming service?

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