Xbox Series X and PS5 – Consoles better than gaming PC?

Xbox series x and PlayStation 5(PS5) consoles have been announced recently. The hype about these next-gen consoles is getting real among the gamers. One of the main reasons behind that is the very strong hardware inside them.

Xbox Series X vs PS5 Specs

PS5Xbox Series X
CPU8-Core AMD Zen-2 at 3.5 Ghz8-Core AMD Zen-2 at 3.8 Ghz(w/SMT)
36 CU at 2.23 GHz
52 CU at 1.825 GHz
Memory16 GB GDDR6(256-bit)16 GB GDDR6
Memory Bandwidth448 GB/S10 GB at 560 GB/S, 6GB at 336 GB/S
Internal Storage825 GB SSD1 TB NVME SSD
Expandable Storage NVme SSD Slot1 TB Expansion Card
I/O Throughput5.5 GB/S (RAW)
8.9 GB/S(Compressed)
2.4 GB/S (RAW)
4.8 GB/S(Compressed)

If you take a look at the specs of both consoles, you will find that they are very impressive. they are impressive enough to compete with even some expensive gaming PCs.

We all know how expensive RTX gaming PC can be, only GPU will cost you more than $400. ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2060 Super is currently priced at $450 on Amazon.

The official price for PS5 or Xbox series hasn’t been announced yet. there are rumors that both consoles will be priced between $500-$600.Being console there is no way, they gonna cost more than that.

PS5 release date and price

Another advantage of the consoles is that you don’t really need to be a tech expert to buy them. there is no need to pick different parts, no need to build it, you simply buy them and its a game on.

Everything about Xbox Series X and PS5 looks completely magical right now. but what most people are missing is that the official release of both consoles is on holiday 2020. PC gaming levels will be a lot higher by the time they become available. so maybe at that time, Xbox Series X and PS5 won’t look as impressive compare to PC.

Sony and Microsoft both are very proud 4k at 120fps and 8K gaming compatibility on their next-gen consoles. this is a very impressive feature for the console. of course, developers also need to make Video games of that level.

Exclusive game titles are a huge part of console gaming. Microsoft has already said that they are not going to make any exclusives for Xbox Series X for at least a year. however Sony, on the other hand, is quite popular for its exclusive games.there might be some video games that will only run on PS5 and not even on PS4 Pro.

Previously, any game developer didn’t put extra effort to make their games Ray Tracing ready. The reason behind that is, RTX hardware is very expensive in gaming PC. But now since Xbox series X and PS5 has Ray tracing capabilities at a very low price, We will see more and more Ray tracing ready games coming out. 

So, it’s is very clear here that these next-gen Consoles gonna change gaming completely. we wouldn’t be surprised, if consoles dominates PC gaming future.

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