Tokyo Game Show 2019: Sony will Announce Death Stranding Remake

Tokyo Game Show(TGS) 2019 is just around the corner. Big game companies have lots of surprises for us this year. Capcom is going to reveal the new Resident Evil game at TGS 2019. Sony also has some exciting stuff to announce, which we are about to tell you.

As you Already Know Death Stranding is releasing in this November. Earlier at Gamescom, Death Stranding game designer Hideo Kojima announced that they will be showing new gameplay footage of the game at TGS 2019. Now Sony has made it official. Death Stranding gameplay video will be featured on large screen at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

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Sony once again not gonna do PlayStation press conference at TGS 2019. They will be hosting “PlayStation Presents Live Show TGS 2019” to show gameplays of upcoming games.

Sony’s booth at TGS will feature Nioh 2, new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare(2019) and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. we might also see some gameplay footage of these games in the PlayStation lives show at TGS 2019.

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