Sony PlayStation 5 Specifications and Price Leaked

PlayStation 4 was an undoubtedly very powerful and successful console from Sony. Now, PlayStation fans are getting more curious about how PlayStation 5 will be better than PS4?

As far as we know PS5 still a year away from its launch. fortunately, Sony has already revealed some specification details about new PlayStation 5 console. additionally, we also have some unofficial details about this upcoming compact gaming beast.

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First Let’s talk About Heart and Soul of PS5. According to Sony, PlayStation 5 will be equipped with AMD’s 7nm Ryzen 3000 CPU. And it will be paired with 7nm Navi Radeon GPU. Sony also said that it will have in-built Ultrafast SSD for better and faster game storage.

Sony has said that PlayStation 5 will Support 4k resolution for games at sweet buttery 120HZ. It will also support the 8k resolution but that not for gaming only for video streaming and stuff.

Now let’s talk about those unofficial leaked details. keep in mind that these are just rumors by PlayStation fans so spec might be different in actual PS5.

As per Rumors, that AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU will have 8-Core/16- thread which will be clocked at 3.2GHz.

Speaking of AMD Navi Radeon GPU of PlayStation, it will be clocked at 1.55GHz and it will have 16GB/24GB of GDDR6 memory. GPU will have 64 shaders per CU and 72 Compute Units. This PlayStation 5 GPU is estimated to have 14.2 TFLOPS computing power.

For Storage PS5 will have 2TB High-End SSD with the possibility of PCIe 4.0. PCIe 4.0 could make a good amount of difference in performance compared to PS4.

All of These Great features and specs aside question in everyone’s mind is how much PlayStation 5 will cost? well, judging from the PlayStation history and specs experts are saying it will cost around 499$.

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So. this is all we know About PS5 as of now. we will keep you updated as soon as we get new information.don’t forget to subscribe to our email for the latest news about PlayStation.

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